Hands & Feet

Treat your hands and feet at The Laser Beautique with our wide range of products: Morgan Taylor, Gelish, Shelac, and Vinalyx.

EXPRESS: File,buff and paint

MINI: File, buff, cuticles and paint

LUXURY: File, buff, cuticles, exfoliation, massage and more

Manicure R100 R180 R230
No Paint R200
Gelish Manicure R230 R310 R370
Vinylux Manicure R130 R210 R250
Gelish Dip (NEW) R290 R370 R430

EXPRESS: File,buff and paint

MINI: File, buff, cuticles and paint

LUXURY: File, buff, cuticles, exfoliation, massage and more

Pedicure R110 R190 R250
No Paint R220
Gelish Pedicure R230 R330 R390
Vinylux Pedicure R145 R220 R280
Medi Heel treatment add on R110
Medi Pedi / RegimA Foot Peel No paint R240
Medi Pedi / RegimA Foot Peel With paint R400
Medi Pedi / RegimA Foot Peel With Gelish  R480
Natural Tips with Vinyalux Paint R410
Natural Tips with French Finish R420
Natural Tips with Gelish Paint R470
Polygel with new set (NEW) R415
Polygel New Set with Gelish (NEW) R460
Polygel New Set with Paint (NEW) R430
Gelish Dip with Tips (NEW) R435
Natural, Acrylic or Gel R330
French / Colour Gel or Acrylic R350
Acrylic Overlay with Gelish Paint R440


Polygel Overlay (NEW) R360
Polygel Overlay with Gelish (NEW) R415
Gelish Dip Overlay / Fill (NEW) R280
Soak Off Acrylic For New Set R90
Soak Off Acrylic with File, Treatment & Repaint R140
Soak Off Gelish or Gel For New Set R45
Soak Off Gelish or Gel with File, Treatment & Repaint R140
Soak Off Gelish or Gel to Go R90
Natural Fills Acrylic or Gel R240
French / Colour Fills Acrylic or Gel R250
Acrylic Fill with Vinylux Paint R280
Acrylic Fill with Gelish Paint R350
Acrylic Buff & Seal & Gelish Paint R250
Acrylic Buff, Sealer & Paint R130
Acrylic Buff, Sealer & Vinylux Paint R150
Polygel Fill (NEW) R240
Polygel Fill with Gelish (NEW) R305
Polygel Fill with Paint (NEW) R270
Nail Repair with fill R60
Natural Nail Repair with Repair Fibre R70
IBX Repair & Restore For Natural Nail Growth R130
IBX Repair & Restore 12 Step Treatment R1,320
French Paint R20
Paraffin Dip R80
Nail Art Per Nail Stick on R10
Nail Art Per Nail Paint R30
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage R110
Babe Mani R60
Babe Pedi R70
Teen Manicure R170
Teen Pedicure R190
Mini Macho Manicure R110
Macho Manicure R170
Macho Power Pedicure R220