TLB has partnered with My Programme Generator (MPG) to bring you two exclusive offers to further enhance your fitness fitness & training programme. TLB Laser technology specifically targets the needs of the modern athlete – by being cutting-edge, innovative, yet still relying on traditional physiological needs such as warmth & light for healing. Incorporating laser technology into your programme will boost your speed, muscle recovery & building. It will make you that much faster, that much more agile, and that much more adaptable. Who could resist…right?


Near-Infrared Sports Massage

Relieve pain and reduce inflammation, decrease muscle spasms and increase blood circulation. NIR increases blood circulation causing muscles to heals faster, by increasing transport of the materials essential for rebuilding damaged tissue, thereby reducing the time it takes for you to recover. Infrared light is said to be able to regenerate cells 200 to 400 times faster than the process normally takes.

R800 for a 60min session

SAVE R210 per session


Pain-Free Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Shave time & shave money with pain-free permanent Laser Hair Removal (LHR). Having smooth legs saves you 50 secs over 40km! You won’t have to worry about shaving every time you get on the bike, in the pool or on the track, LHR provides a pain-free & fuss-free solution!

Purchase a course of 8 pain-free full leg or back laser hair removal & get 30% OFF.

Full Leg: SAVE up to R3,720

Full Back: SAVE up to R7,200

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