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  • Virtually Pain Free Laser Hair Removal, worth R3,000

Experience award winning, gold standard 810mm diode laser which is at the forefront of PAIN FREE laser hair removal technology. The Laser Beautique aesthetician uses a unique IN-MotionTM treatment technique, that ensures client comfort and great results.

  • Electrolysis Re-invented, worth R950

This is the ideal treatment for anyone who would like to permanently remove unsightly, non-pigmented blond, ginger, grey or white hair. The only 100% permanent hair removal with the Apilus electrolysis system for any hair colours! This treatment offers the latest in electrolysis technology, offering a comfortable and much faster treatment (when compared to traditional electrolysis applications)

  • Cinderella or Prince Charming Near Infrared Facial, worth R990

Magical Near Infrared technology combined with most advanced, medically accepted, cosmeceutical skincare range (RegimA or Nimue). Decadent hydration and myo-relaxing ingredients allows you to achieve super suppleness and elasticity. This treatment provides the relaxing benefits of ultralite massage while Botox-like marine extracts diminish fine expression lines to give an instant lift. This facial will instantly get your skin glowing, revitalised and refueled.

We recommend that if you going to have a facial, have a technology facial, don’t just have regular facial. Try a Near Infrared facial and discover the wonders of today’s technological advancement!

  • TLB Signature, Near Infrared Therapeutic Massage, worth R1,270

Experience a results driven massage treatment, which offers not only a pamper but also relief from general muscle & joint aches & pains as well as reduced recovery time & improved recovery Experience a results driven massage treatment, which offers not only a pamper but also relief and performance for sportsmen & women. Near Infrared technology has a deep healing capability, improving circulation & the elimination of toxins such as lactic acid, reducing inflammation & discomfort. By increasing blood circulation one heals faster, and increases transport of the materials essential for rebuilding damaged tissue, thereby reducing the time it takes for you to recover. A brilliant treatment for anyone who suffers from Arthritis, Tendinitis, Fibromyalgia, Joint problems, Poor circulation and toxins (e.g. Mercury which is the most dangerous of toxins) 

  • Near Infrared Skin Tightening, worth R2,000

Experience immediate, visible, subtle to dramatic improvement. NIR is a safe infrared light that heats the tissue under the skin’s surface to tighten skin laxity & improve skin architecture. NIR stimulates the infiltration of fibroblast cells & the formation of new collagen, enhancing the tightening effect & helping to bolster the skin against future sagging. NIR is recommended lose, saggy or creepy skin. This is a great treatment for anyone who has lost weight, post pregnancy or to tighten up and show off ones contours.

  • Thermocoagulation for the removal of unwanted skin imperfections, worth R1,200

Create flawless skin with Thermocoagulation removal of unwanted skin imperfections utilizing a high frequency current. A TLB skin specialist is able to treat: visible facial veins, skin tags, angiomas, milia, keratosis, angiokeratomes, open pores or unwanted piercings.

  • Nimue / RegimA Microneedling, worth R1,500

This is a professional procedure performed by our Advanced Skin Care Specialists to achieve immediate and visible skin rejuvenation and renewal with long lasting effects. This specialised rejuvenation treatment, designed for a wide range of skin conditions including sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and superficial acne scarring. The microneedling treatment stimulates collagen remodelling, improving restoration of volume and plumpness in the skin as well as treats large pores.

A pen which has fine, short needles, will be strategically and gently moved over the surface of the skin. These minute needles, cause controlled micro injuries to the skin, triggering the skin’s natural regenerative functions, including the production of new, healthy collagen fibres.

  • Brow Design, worth R330  

Brow design is a complete brow makeover. This service is the Rolls-Royce of brow grooming and includes tinting, tweezing, waxing & trimming which will ensure you are on trend with the ultimate brow couture.

  • Henna Brows, worth R300

Hen­na for Eye­brows? Yes, it’s not just for your hair grow­ing from your scalp any­more. For those of you that may have sparse eye­brows, Hen­na tint­ing is a process that allows you to go with­out hav­ing to fill them in with brow pen­cils and shad­ows for weeks!

  • Lashes, worth R400

Instantly get glamorous flutter lashes

  • Lash Lift, worth R450

A Lash Lift is an advancement on the old fashioned “lash perm”.  Unlike the perming rods used in the past, new specially created silicone pads lift the lashes from the root only, creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open. This is a great alternative for clients who aren’t prepared for the maintenance of eyelash extensions, and want a long-lasting alternative.  A Lash Lift lasts 6-8 weeks on natural lashes, even with routine mascara wear and facial cleansing.

  • Lash Coat, worth R490

Try our Semi Permanent Mascara! “Coating” your lashes just once allows you to wake up to and maintain gorgeous lashes for 3 weeks!

  • 3 Step Tattoo Removal, worth POA (depending on size of the tattoo)

3 Step Tattoo removal, removes the tattoo in 1-3 easy sessions utilizing a mild exfoliating formula combined with a unique but virtually painless pin point abrasion process. The 3 Step Tattoo removal simply creates a mild irritation that causes the body to naturally reject the pigment 

  • Cosmetic Tattooing,  worth R3,200

Wake up with makeup! Have your eyeliner, lips or brows cosmetically tattooed to ensure you always look your best. No more smudging or spending hours getting your eyeliner, lipstick or brows to look symmetrical, let us do it for you.