Pain-free laser lipolysis offers the best alternative to surgery

If you are feeling a little bit thick around the edges and have tried diet and exercise but to no avail then you may be thinking about going under the knife. What you may not know is that pain-free laser lipolysis offers the best alternative to surgery. You can get rid of your unwanted areas without having to spend thousands nor incur unnecessary pain.

Unfortunately, it is very rare to find people that are one hundred percent happy with their bodies; this is ok. The trick is doing what you need to do in order to get a body that you are more comfortable in. There are many ways in which you can do this, diet and exercise are definitely the top two choices. It is important to introduce these two aspects into your life before you even think about getting body altering surgery. However, if you have been putting your body through the motions and not getting the results you want then laser lipolysis might be the answer for you. Instead of going under the knife you can enjoy a pain-free laser lipolysis session that is aimed at getting rid of unwanted fat and smoothing the skin. It is different to surgical liposuction because none of the fat is actually “sucked” out of your body. Instead there is a revolutionary new treatment being used called The Accent Ultra V system.

The Accent Ultra V system uses two different types of technologies in conjunction with one another to achieve the results; Ultrasound and Radio Frequency. Firstly the ultrasound acoustic shear waves are used to shake the fat cell membranes. This will lead to the gradual breakdown and release of the contents. This might sound a bit bizarre and possibly unsafe, but none of the other cells are affected during this process. Then the radio frequency is used. This accelerates the metabolism for fast lymphatic and expulsion of the released fat. These two treatments work in a pain-free way to target fat deposits and ultimately will help to contour the body as well as eventually reduce its circumference. Depending on how much fat you would like to relieve your body of, will determine how many sessions you will need. Most people are advised to have between 6-10 treatments every 2 weeks to achieve the best results. This revolutionary treatment can give you smoother, tighter skin while at the same time reducing your body’s fat. Even if you work out every day and follow a strict diet, you may still find that there are certain areas of your body that need a little bit of extra TLC. Rather choose a pain-free option than going to the extent of liposuction that requires a long recovery time and a lot of money.


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