What makes laser treatment minimally invasive compared to regular cosmetic surgery? To answer this you will need to have an understanding of how exactly laser treatments and cosmetic surgeries actually work. They are two very different approaches to body contouring.

Almost every single person in the world will wake up, look at themselves in the mirror and think “I can fix that”. The truth of the matter, is that it is very rare for a person to be completely satisfied and happy within their own skin. In order for them to be able to feel this way, it may mean, making something smaller here and larger there. Many women especially have opted to have cosmetic surgery in order to make them feel better about themselves. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to get the “right” body for you, but there are other ways in which you can approach it.

It is no longer necessary to have cosmetic surgery when you are wanting to undergo some kind of body contouring. Again, there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, but it is certainly more invasive than laser treatments. With surgical liposuction you have to go through a number of procedures. Firstly, you cannot be awake during the process. This is invasive because you lose a sense of control. Secondly, the cosmetic surgeon has to suck out the fat from the area in question. This does do the job to remove everything but leaves you bruised and in pain for a number of weeks. It is also not a guaranteed fix. The fat can come back if you do not look after your diet.

Laser treatment is minimally invasive because none of the above actually happens. You are not put under anesthetic and can stay awake throughout the treatment and no fat is going to be sucked out of you. The laser treatment focuses on smoothing and contouring the body. It does this by breaking down the fatty deposits in your cells and subsequently that will provide you with smoother and more toned skin. This why it is safe to say that laser treatments for body contouring are definitely minimally invasive.

There is no real downfall to having a laser treatment instead of normal liposuction, other than needing patience. Unfortunately, this treatment does take same time. The amount of time will be determined by how big the area is that you would like reduce. Smaller areas obviously take less time than larger areas. It is also important to remember that with most things in life, maintaining a healthy diet and doing exercise will help to keep the fat away. Even if you do opt for laser treatment it is still a good idea to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Laser lipo for you

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