If you have tried everything except surgery to get the body you want and nothing works, then you need to try liposuction by laser; the non-invasive way to get a great body. Yes, that is right; it is non-invasive but still assists you to shed inches from your overall body shape by essentially melting away the fat. Liposuction by laser which is also know commonly as laser lipo, works by targeting a specific areas of the body with two different types of lasers; Ultrasound and Infrared, which work together to change the chemical structure of the fat molecules, enabling the body to effectively drain and use the fat.

Here at The Laser Beautique, we aim to provide you with this revolutionary new way of fighting your fat and achieving the body of your dreams. You see the first step is to use the Ultrasound lasers which essentially shake the fat molecules up until they break down into small enough particles that they can move through the cell walls. From there the fat is flashed out of the body with the aid of the Infrared lasers. This helps to get rid of what is known as stubborn fat, which men and women both suffer from.

This is the real non-surgical PAIN-FREE alternative to surgical liposuction. Technology is the best way to get your body looking truly amazing. If you have realistic expectations, and you are over 18, then liposuction by laser could be the answer for you. At The Laser Beautique, here in sunny South Africa, we are incredibly proud to be the first in Africa with this new ground breaking technology. Seen on famous American TV shows The Doctors, NIP TUCK, Access Hollywood, this is the laser lipo technology that is making waves all over the world! With laser lipo, you will be able to turn back the hands of time, reduce, tighten and firm up your buttock, thighs, tummy, love handles, under upper arms, bra line or even get a non-invasive breast lift. The options are endless!

Here at The Laser Beautique we can offer you more than just pain-free ways to get the body of your dreams. We can also help you find a completely hair free world where all you have to do is come in for a few session of laser hair removal to remove any and all unwanted hair. We can tell you everything you need to know about laser hair removal. This completely pain free process basically kills off the hair follicles preventing hair form ever growing back from it. It will take several session to completely stop hair growth but once it is complete the effect is up to 94 percent permanent.

So, contact us here at The Laser Beautique if you want to find out more about laser hair removal and laser lipo.