Which is better – waxing or threading? The pros and cons of each

Waxing is one of the most common ways to groom eyebrows today, but threading is quickly gaining popularity too.

Threading in a nutshell….

Threading is a method of hair removal which uses thread to twist around each hair to be removed and pull it completely from the follicle. Threading is most commonly used to remove superfluous hair on the face – typically the cheeks, chin, lip and eyebrows. There are many techniques, the most common of which, the thread is held in the practitioners mouth (usually by the teeth) and the other side is held by hand. Results of threading last just as long as waxing and it typically costs the same (or less), even though threading requires somewhat more time and technical skill.


Why threading is used over waxing

  • Waxing has the potential to burn the skin, leaving blisters and possibly scars
  • Wax residue, or occasionally the products used to remove the wax residue, can sometimes cause skin irritation
  • Unlike waxing, threading does not have the possibility of lifting, tearing or over-exfoliating the skin
  • Many are convinced that threading is more precise and can achieve better shape
  • Often clients have reported that their skin appears less red immediately after threading (compared to immediately after waxing) and the redness typically seems to subside more quickly


Why most stick with waxing

  • Threading takes longer than waxing. Not much longer, but because the hairs are removed gradually (instead of a few quick pulls) many feel it hurts more than waxing. Some people will prep their skin a few minutes before with an over the counter product containing 2% lidocaine to help take the edge off
  • Rolling the thread against the skin does create friction and occasionally, with slack skin, pinching can occur. Both of these can add to the discomfort level
  • Just like when you take time to tweeze your eyebrows at home, your eyes may water and you may wind up sneezing

If you decide to stick to waxing, however, watch carefully to ensure your practitioner never double-dips, that he or she also tests the temperature of the wax on their own wrist before applying it to your skin and if they remove the wax residue with an oil-based remover ask them to then remove the oil-based remover with a light astringent. If you tend to get irritated ask for a hydrocortisone cream to apply to help reduce the irritation.

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