Cellulite 1The dreaded dimple? Cellulite. Affecting over 90% of women and 10% of men worldwide, it is no wonder there are thousands of lotions and potions available to “supposedly” restore our former smoother selves.

However, many of us remain in the dark as to what causes this condition- the factors involved are far too complex for any one cellulite cream to address. The Laser Beautique is proud to offer you real, results-driven treatment and homecare solutions, that can effectively treat and improve cellulite.
Understanding Cellulite
Cellulite arises due to a combination of physiological occurrences. The typical cycle involved in cellulite development is as follows:
Engorgement of fat cells and a build-up of stagnant toxins within the tissue, result in the body producing and retaining water in an attempt to neutralize these.

Water retention, places the lymphatic and circulatory vessels under pressure, and the connective tissue- our skin’s structural support- is no longer provided with sufficient blood flow, causing it to degenerate.
This skin then takes on a dimpled appearance as it collapses onto the underlying tissue- resembling the renowned orange peel.
As you can see, there are multiple factors that will need to be addressed to ensure that we are able to treat cellulite successfully. A cellulite treatment program needs to address blood circulation, skin firming and toning, as well as lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite is often classified using grades:

Grade Zero: There is no visible cellulite, even if the skin is pinched. Overall, the skin looks and feels smooth.
Grade One: Cellulite is not evident when you’re standing or sitting, but if the skin is pinched, it becomes noticeable.
Grade Two: When standing, there appears to be cellulite, but when you lay down it disappears.
Grade Three: The skin looks dimpled regardless if you are standing or sitting and always when you pinch it.


The Laser Beautique Cellulite Solutions

Radio-Frequency Treatments at The Laser BeautiqueCellulite 7

Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is a new and promising technology for non-surgical body contouring, fat and cellulite reduction. RF energy alone (such as the Accent™ available at The Laser Beautique Morningside and Woodlands.), can be used in treatments to effectively contour the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat.

RF allows for deep, controlled heating of the fatty layers under the skin, the effects of tissue tightening and increased blood circulation mean that fatty deposits are drained through the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Duel layer Radio Frequency enhances vasodilation and increases blood flow, allowing for lymphatic drainage to improve oxygen levels that will assist metabolism. This duel layer RF is targeted energy that helps reorganize the cellular environment and stimulates the cells to restructure collagen, improve elasticity, tone, tighten and further contour the skin.


Thalgo Intergrative Slimming Wraps at The Laser BeautiqueCellulite 3
Due to lifestyle, the ageing process and excess weight, our body’s circulation often becomes sluggish and as a result, our tissue becomes deprived of vital oxygen, the evacuation of toxins slows and results in our cellular metabolism decreasing. Under these circumstances, connective tissue degenerates and concerns such a water retention and ultimately the lumps and bumps of cellulite arise. Thalgo Integrative slimming treatments contain a variety of marine active ingredients including Oxy-active, which combats tissue hypoxia- thereby reactivating cellular oxygenation.  These active ingredients, combined with a specially developed massage, oxygenation of the tissue, increased blood circulation and improved skin laxity.

Clinical studies demonstrated a reduction in thigh circumference of up to 2.2cm in 28 days. 95% Of the women who underwent the trials, felt that dimples were smoothed and reduced.

A recommended 6-12 sessions, which are conducted weekly or every fortnight, will kick-start your slimming journey at The Laser Beautique.

The Laser Beautique Anti-Cellulite Favourites:  Cellulite 9

  • Thalgo Ocea Draine 10 Day Detox
  • Thalgo Celluceane Sachets
  • Thalgo High Correction Gel
  • Thalgo Intensive Correcting Cream




Don’t let your cellulite ruin your summer!  The Laser Beautique will design the ideal treatment program for you.  To find out more about The Laser Beautique’s current slimming and anti-cellulite promotions, visit their website, www.thelaserbeautique.co.za