I’m pretty sure the term “effortlessly chic” was coined by a woman who watched in slight disbelief as her man went from drab to fab in about 20 minutes flat! Many women would shriek in horror at a meagre 1 hour to pretty themselves up, while a man would sincerely question what the other 40 minutes were needed for. As far as he is concerned it takes 5 minutes to shower, 5 minutes for sexy out-of-bed hair, 10 minutes to choose an outfit and slap it on. The result, a well – groomed, fully dress guy that looks like he just popped off the page of fashion mag. Urgh! The injustice! They put in such little effort and still look great. I seethe with jealousy.

Even more to be jealous of, men age extremely well. Us women go through a full on step by step routine to save our skin from ageing. Men, however, are blessed with thicker, oilier skin that is less likely to show as much ageing as a women’s skin at the same age. Further injustice!

So ladies and gentlemen, as guys have mother nature helping them along, a guy’s skin care routine is pretty simple, and the results are fantastic. I personally like to keep it at three easy steps – Cleanse, Hydrate and SPF! Here’s what you get from following this simple routine:

Cleanse – Will wash away the dirt and oil from a hard day’s work or long night’s sleep

Hydrate – Will soften the skin and keep that healthy glow going

SPF – Will protect the skin from harmful sunrays and help prevent skin damage

I love the Nimue MAN range as it offers all this and is designed for male skin. I will defiantly stand testament to the easy use and amazing results from these products. Successfully convincing my boyfriend to stop washing his face with shower gel, yes, SHOWER GEL, and instead opting for the Nimue MAN range, I have seen first-hand the benefits and improvement to his skin.

I do think that a regular men’s facial along with a skin care range just invigorates and revives the skin. Everything from our relaxing Therapeutic facial to our Deep Cleanse, which keeps wives and girlfriends away from trying to squeeze things off, keeps a guys’ face looking well cared for. The Active Rejuvenation facial gives skin cells the ultimate health boost and brings about my FAVORITE facial for guys, The Prince Charming Facial!

Guys, nothing will get your partner swooning at your great skin faster than this facial. Using Nimue’s amazing salon range, Near Infrared Laser is incorporated to improve collagen production to keep you looking fresh and young.

If you need to know about a skin care range for yourself or would like to try out a facial, pop in and see us. We will be happy to start your healthy and good looking skin journey with you. I can safely say, you won’t regret it!

And remember to keep it simple 🙂

Nicole Rodrigues, The Laser Beautique Northcliff

About Therapist: Nicole has been in the industry for 3 years and joined The Laser Beautique Northcliff team a year ago. She has a fun and positive outlook to the world that is contagious. She has an immense passion for Beauty and Aesthetics that drives her to achieve only the best results for her clients.