Which skin elements should one focus on for helping to create a flawless complexion?

Your skin is a powerful protective barrier, which prevents the permeation of any external foreign elements & limits the effectiveness of traditional topical lotions & serums. To effectively treat, correct, defy & slow the aging process, we recommend a combination of using a cosmeceutical skincare brand as well as result driven technology facials such as Near Infrared, Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Microneedling etc. Discover the wonders of today’s technological advancements. Dont just use a cosmetic product and have regular facials, use result driven cosmeceutical skincare products and have regular technology facials and get your desired results.

A good skin regime is always important when it comes to the health of our skin, it’s important to use the budget we have towards our skincare wisely. Invest your hard earned money in getting yourself on cosmeceutical skincare products rather than a cosmetic brand. Cosmeceuticals means the merging of cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Cosmeceuticals are backed up by scientific data which means they are result driven and superior when compared to cosmetic brands.

A cosmetic product can be bought off the shelf from a department store or pharmacy and are formulated with very little active ingredients. Most cosmetic products ingredients include alcohol and/or fragrance /perfumed which are not healthy for the skin. Cosmeceuticals are formulated with very high amount of actives to give faster and more dramatic results and do not contain any alcohol or fragrance. Its very important to understand the formulations of a cosmeceutical and how to combine different products to get best results. Cosmeceuticals can not be purchased over the counter, they can only be purchased from trained skin specialist or aesthetician. One will need a trained skincare coach to analyse their skin and to prescribe which products to use and when.


For a flawless complexion, have the following items in your routine:

  1. Cleanser
    2. Suitable day and night cream for your skin condition etc
    3. Support products like, serums and boosters
    4. Exfoliator and Masques which can be used 2-3 times a week
    5.,SPF is very important to use on a daily basis as this protects the skin not only from the sun but also environmental factors
    6. Its important to boost all ones effort at home by having regular in salon treatments on a monthly basis, whether it be a Deep Cleanse Facial, AHA peels, Microneedling, Near Infrared, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Facials.

Technology such as Microneedling, Near Infrared, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound treat different layers of ones skin. These technologies work by what we call controlled injuries. The controlled injuries triggers the production new collagen, re-knit elastin fibres and remould the skin by activating the body’s healing cascade. In addition, these controlled injuries allows ingredients to penetrate better. Treatment lead to improvement in skin texture, firmness and hydration, as well as reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks.


Large Pores 

Our bodies produce sebum, an oily substance we secrete to make the skin waterproof and to keep it from drying out. People who have naturally oily skin tend to have larger pores. This happens because when oil and dirt collect in your skin, your skin swells and your pores look larger than they normally would. Some people may also associate large pores with severe acne, but this isn’t always the case. Even though people with oily skin tend to be prone to acne, that doesn’t mean acne is a secondary factor in the appearance of large pores. One reason for the misconception may be that small divots formed by acne scarring may look like enlarged pores.


Treat large pores or the appearance of large pores:

  1. Cleansing the pores of debris, excess oil, and bacteria will significantly reduce them.
  2. We recommend that one use a face wash with AHA s or BHAs.
    – Nimue’s Cleansing gel contains AHA’s
    – RegimA Zone DermaZest cleansing & toning gel which acts as a natural astringent which helps to tighten pores
  3. Exfoliation is important in minimizing the appearance of large pores.
    – Nimue’s Exfoliating Enzyme contains fruit acids which help to digest the bonds between dead skin cells and nimue night creams also contain AHA’s
    – RegimA  Exfoliating Enzyme Masque contains fruit acids which aids in the process of breaking down dead skin cells
  4. We recommend regular Peel treatments at The Laser Beautique. Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Peel treatments or products that increase the collagen content of the dermis will improve the size of ones pores.


For immediate results we also recommend the following in house treatments for enlarged pores: 

  1. Thermocoagulation, instantly closes large pors
  2. Microneedling (rolling or pen)
  3. Regular Nimue or RegimA peels



Hyperpigmentation is caused by an overproduction of melanin in the skin. This overproduction is triggered by a variety of factors, but the main ones can be linked back to sun exposure, genetic factors, age, hormonal influences, and skin injuries or inflammation.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain spots on the skin. Hyperpigmentation results in flat, darkened patches of skin that are light brown to black in colour, and can vary in size and shape. There are many types of hyperpigmentation, but the following are the most common:


  1. Pigment spots such as age spots are caused by sun exposure. For this reason, they appear mainly on body parts that are frequently exposed, such as the face, hands and arms. They tend to be small, darkened patches of skin.
  2. Melasma or chloasma – often referred to as “the mask of pregnancy”, as it affects 90% of pregnant women. It occurs as a result of hormonal influences such as pregnancy and birth control pills, and causes dark and irregularly shaped areas on the face or arms that can be quite large.
  3. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs when a skin injury or trauma heals and leaves a flat area of discolouration behind. It’s commonly found among acne sufferers, and can also be caused by cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, laser treatment and chemical peels.
  4. There are other factors that can cause patches of skin to become darker – such as scarring, birthmarks, solar or actinic keratoses and skin cancers – but these aren’t considered to be forms of hyperpigmentation.


What can we do to prevent or reduce the risk of more pigmentation developing?

  1. Protect your skin from the sun. Ensuring that you properly protect your skin and limit your exposure to UV light is the most basic and reliable measure you can take to lessen the chances of experiencing any kind of hyperpigmentation. This means both applying sufficient sunscreen, and limiting your time spent in the sun.
  2. Care for your skin. As well as protecting your skin from UV light, there are other everyday steps you can take to look after your skin which in turn will help prevent hyperpigmentation. Antioxidants work to support the first line of defence, but because our body uses them for everything, antioxidant supplementation internally and externally is important. Eat as many antioxidants as you can, they are found in every fruit and vegetable, especially in the skins (the darker or brighter the skin colour, the more antioxidants.).  Vitamin A – The synthetic form called Retin-A can be used to exfoliate the hyper pigmented dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. Eating healthy will also help especially food containing Vitamin A like green and yellow vegetables and yellow fruits such as broccoli, spinach, turnips, carrots, squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, cantaloupe, apricots. Milk, butter and cheese and whole eggs are another excellent source. Vitamin C – It is a tyrosinase inhibitor and thereby directly reduces melanin production in skin. Oranges, tangerines, limes, guava, lemons, papayas, strawberries, black currants, grapefruit and mangoes are an excellent source. Vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cabbages, potatoes, spinach will also help you in the same. Try eating them raw or slightly cooked since steam or over cooking tends to break the vitamin down. Vitamin E – It doesn’t directly reduce melanin production but it is effective in reducing hyper pigmentation caused by melanin over production
    Products with great ingredients that can assist with this are:

– RegimA Zone Pigment Perfector and Alpha Lipoic & Vitamin C Cream

– Nimues Day and Night Fader moisturisers.

  1. Use the correct and prescribed skin care products and avoid scratching, popping blemishes, and picking at your skin. This is especially important if you have some areas of pigmentation already. Avoid the temptation to pick at them.
  2. Clarify the potential side-effects of medications. Some drugs can increase melanin production and bring on hyperpigmentation. In order to keep yourself as fully informed as possible always ask the doctor or pharmacist about any medications you are taking that might cause hyperpigmentation. Ask them for alternatives if they are available.

Treatments include prescribed home care products, Peels, Microneedling or laser treatments. If you think your melasma hyperpigmentation is caused by oral contraception, hormone replacement therapy or another hormonal treatment, discontinue and contact your doctor.



Often clients complain of having a dull and uneven complexion, and this is a natural occurrence as we get older. Some other factors that are experienced with ageing are fine and coarse wrinkle formation, pigmentation changes, sallow colour, dry texture, loss of elasticity, loss of skin tone. Some complain of uneven skin texture where the skin feels rough and dry, this can be due to  specific skin problems but it can also be caused by sun damage, aging or the result of using the wrong skin care products. Making sure you are on the right cosmeceuticals and generally having technology facials will brighten and give your skin a great texture and even tone.

Recommended Products for brightening:

  • RegimA Zone Techno-5 Resurfacer which contains natural ingredients that assist with brightening the skin.
  • Nimues Exfoliating Enzyme also assists with this, and it contain fruit acids.


Tzvia Hermann – Founder AKA The Laser Lady