For hormonal reasons, the pilosity of men is generally more abundant than that of women. Yet they are markedly less inclined to call on the services of an electrologist. Paradox? Not really, since pilosity is still considered, at least in our western societies, as a symbol of masculinity.

However, in recent years the man-woman ratio seems to have reached a balance, opening up a whole new market for electrologists. From the ears, once trimmed by our grandfathers’ barbers, to the intimate parts, commonly cared for with a razor, men seek more and more to get rid of their unwanted hair.

The rise of this new clientele also led the engineers of Apilus electrolysis devices to develop new effective programs to address men’s hair that are definitely bigger and coarser. Now, with new technologies, we can achieve intensity according to the client’s gender and hair size for a 100% permanent and comfortable hair removal.

So men, so there is no reason to put up with these hairs that exasperate you so much. Whether on your chest, back or neck, electrolysis simply has no limits.