Balls the the walls. All he needs to know about grooming down there! 

Hello from the other side.

Whether you’re a lover of Adele and busy singing to the tune of Hello or you’re a Down Unda kinda guy, this is for you!

Your lady partner has nipped, tweezed, waxed, lasered or even burned her fragile bits for you. Now its time to reciprocate. 

Her constant nagging for you to manscape has fallen on deaf ears for way too long. The time it takes to shave every few days and your fear of the local beauticians hair removal methods have put you off FOR Life. You’d rather let the hairs grow wild and free, blow in the wind as you beam with pride.

HELLOOOOO… get with the programme, the 60’s wild afro look is no longer acceptable.  The ladies definitely don’t want to comb their way through or appreciate getting an unexpected exfoliation down there during a moment of passion.

At The Laser Beautique, men and women alike, from all walks of life, are treated the same, when booking any treatment. Hollywoods are offered for both men and woman. “We are finding that every month, more and more men enquire about laser hair removal and particularly, permanent, pain free laser hair removal for the more intimate areas. When men find out that there is a virtually pain free and permanent solution, they are thrilled” says The Laser Beautique founder Tzvia . 

In the spirit of the Soccer World Cup and with Father’s day around the corner, The Laser Beautique is dedicating this blog to men and their intimate grooming needs. Balls and all! 

If you interested in permanent and pain free solution to unwanted hair for yourself, your hubby or if you find you have to keep telling your dad to trim his nose or ear hairs or your dad has furry fingers and toes, read on! 

For those men whos moment has come. You cant come up with any more excuses and you’ve mustered all the guts you have and decided to manscape! Congratulations! You are about to become a real man. Real men manscape! 

Many men have imagined entering the beauty salon, knees weak, throat dry. Leaning over the counter and trying to whisper to the receptionist that they’ed like thier intimate bits groomed. Receptionist struggles to hear. You look around and  there’s a room full of ladies staring at you like a deer in your pickup truck head lights. Youll probably chicken out and leave buying a gift card… 

SCRAP this and the memory of a failed home remedy attempt which almost sent you to the emergency room.

At The Laser Beautique, intimate male grooming treatments is on the treatment catelogue. Its a popular treatment and the environment is very much unisex. You can email or whats app to schedule your appointment. You will get an email explaining all the do’s and donts and how to prepare before you treatment. When you arrive at The Laser Beautique, your therapist will put you at ease and takes you through to do a private consultation.

Your days of being embarrassed of your wild frontier are a thing of the past!

Previously manscaping options have been limited to shaving, trimming, depilatory creams or the most painful of all waxing! All of these methods are not permanent, time consuming and result in pain or painful ingrown hair or that embarassing burning itch when the hair grows back. 

Whether you are new to the manscaping game or an expert in this field, TLB have listed all your options, pros and cons to put you at ease and give you all the information you need to make an educated decision. 


Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis are the best forms of hair removal, provided you have treatments at The Laser Beautique as not all clinics or salons have the latest technology and benefits. At TLB we use the best Laser Hair removal device on the market, which is FDA approved and safe for all skin types. The settings are adjustable to client comfort. During the treatment a warmth sensation can be felt so this makes it pain free too, which is an added bonus.

Pros: Laser Hair Removal:

• Laser Hair removal at The Laser Beautique is virtually pain free

• Laser Hair removal at The Laser Beautique is permanent and suitable for all pigmented hair, and all skin types, including African and tanned skin, all year-round

• Safe & effective for all ages

• You can shave between treatments, you don’t need to grow the hair like with waxing and other methods

• After every treatment the hair grows back slower and less dense

• Short effective treatment times

• 80-90% of hair can be removed

• Adjustable settings for client tolerance

• Can treat most areas

• Having laser treats or eliminates ingrown hair. If there is no hair growing you remove the chance if getting an ingrown hair.


• Only dark or pigments hair can be treated by laser. Laser is not effective on blond, ginger, grey or white hair. This is why we say that 80-90% of hair can be removed with laser. Any hair remaining which is light will not be effected and remain. We recommend electrolysis to anyone who would like to permanently and comfortably remove light hair.

• Can be costly but huge savings in the long run

. Cant laser over tattoos 

• Can be a sensitive area to treat. If you feel its too sensitive you have to communicate with your therapist so that she can decrease the energy and simply treat longer. You should not feel any pain. You may feel discomfort

• You can expect to complete your hair removal treatment within a year to 18 months depending on your hair growth and density. You would need to have a treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Average costs: R 1000 – R1600


Electrolysis and Laser are the best permanent hair removal methods. Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for 100% comfortable and permanent hair removal. This is because Electrolysis is effective on all hair regardless of how pigmented it is. A tiny probe is inserted into the base of each strand and an electric current is applied for a millisecond. 

Pros of electrolysis:

• The hair is gone for good

. Comfortable treatments as long as electrologist is trained, is experienced and using apilus device 

• Great as an end treatment to your laser to remove any stubborn hairs or blond/grey hairs not treated by laser.

• treat those hard areas like inner nose, inner ear, toes and fingers

• Can work over tattoos as it is not dependant on pigment

Cons of Electrolysis:

• Treatments can be uncomfortable

• Requires multiple sessions

• Treatment time depends on electrologists technical training and experience. The more experienced the quicker. Each hair is individually treated.

Average costs: R330 – R1600


Here you have two options, hot or cold strip wax. If you insist on trying cold wax, then make sure you don’t have cold wax on delicate skin around the facial area or intimate areas. If you going to have cold wax, we recommend larger areas like legs, back, chest or stomach. We recommend hot wax for areas such as face, intimate areas, nostrils, ears, fingers and toes.

Wax is applied somewhat thickly onto the treated area. If you are having cold wax, a piece of material is placed over the wax and is used to rip the wax off….as you can imagine. This is excruciating! If your skin is dry or the therapist isn’t experienced enough she can strip your skin. If you are having hot wax, the therapist will wait for it to harden just enough so it’s not too dry so that it can be pulled off.

Waxing removes the hair by the root and leaves smooth skin for up to 6-8 weeks.

Pros of waxing:

• Stays hair-free for longer than when shaving

• Removes hair from root for a smooth soft feel

• Continuous waxing reduces hair growth as the hair follicles are constantly damaged.

• inexpensive

Cons of waxing

• Waxing is painful

• Waxing is not permanent

• You need to wait for the hair to grow to be able to wax

• Waxing can result in ingrown hair as the hair grows back weaker and cant penetrate through the skin

• Expensive in the long run

average cost: R150 – R400


This is often an easy way out for some, can be purchased at most pharmacies near you.

Hair removal creams use chemicals to weaken the hair follicle so you can effectively wipe it away.

Pros of creams:

• Can be done at home

• Pain free

Cons of creams:

• Chemical can sensitive skin

• Foul odour can be present

• Not permanent

• Can burn your skin if left on too long

• Time consuming

Average costs R40 – R100


Here is one we are most familiar with, shaving removes hair at the skin’s surface by cutting it off with a razor. Used with conditioning creams to allow for comfort on the skin.

Pros of:

• Inexpensive treatment

• Can be painless

• Quick, and easy to do

Cons of:

• Regrowth happens quickly,

• Prone to Ingrown

• Razor burn, nicks, and cuts are possibilities

• Not permanent

• When hair grows back one experiences what we call a “shadow”

Average costs: R20 – R150

Whether your money wise or strapped for time, the inevitable is due that Laser as in all the years stands 1st price for effective and efficient results and treatment choice. Rather than the possible home burn, itch or pluck that just sounds awful.

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