I have written about those dreadful hairs that have made a very unwelcomed appearance in my middle years – on my upper lip, chin and my neck.The only advice is laser, but laser isn’t the most successful for blond, white or grey hairs, as it depends on darker pigments in the hair.At the end its only Electrolysis that is successful.

Now look I am not overall sensitive, but it really isn’t a very pleasing experience. Electrolysis is a small needle (not always that small), that gets inserted into the individual hair follicle, a galvanic current is generated through the needle, this results to destroy the root of the hair and make no more horrible spikey facial hairs appear. Until the next hair sticks out, naturally a few mm more. Grrr, then it’s the same painful procedure all over again.

Now the very clever Tzvia Hermann, Owner of The Laser Beautique, discovered a device from Israel that reinvents the uncomfortable, painful electrolysis.

The Apilus- electrolysis reinvented, offers 100% FDA approved, permanent hair removal for all hair types. It is basically painless and much faster than the traditional electrolysis.


A hair thin needle gets inserted into an individual hair follicle (no it is not sore). A light thermolysis current ensures that the hair follicle is destroyed, ensuring that the hair will be permanently destroyed.

This technique is referred to Flash Thermolysis, the only sensation you feel is a short needle pin prick. The technique ensures efficiency and comfort for the client, unlike with the traditional Electrolysis.

My therapist Lebo with her electrolysis device

My qualified and skilled therapist, Lebo was a star. She was a master with the needle. She explained the treatment every step of the way, and over above it all she did not hurt me. I also had no red marks afterwards.

This is a perfect option for permanent hair removal, as I have those pesky stubborn hairs that have made their appearance in my middle years (all thanks to my hormonal struggle) but in a few minutes of Electrolysis they are all gone.

This does not mean that some stubborn hairs won’t make an appearance again, the frequency of treatments depends on hormonal activity as well as if the hair was previously treated through plucking or waxing as well as the rate at which your hair grows.

I will need to return for a few more sessions because in the absence of their premature friends, their anarchist gangsters began to shoot out with new brave hairs but, I now have a strong arson that’s awaiting them, like Dirt Harry says: Make my day!

View how the procedure works below, there are a few Laser Beautique clinics country wide where you can experience the treatment.