REVIEW: Micro Needling Facial + Discount Code

February 7, 2019
REVIEW: Micro Needling Facial + Discount Code

Last year I started a series called Anti Aging in your Twenties because that’s the season I’m in at the moment but to be fair I’ve been using anti ageing products for quite a few years now.  But I thought since most of you are around my age or even in you thirties and you might be looking into anti-aging products or treatments, and we can do it together!

My first post in this series focused on reviewing three exceptional products that target aging.  Another way to target anti aging, along with using the right products, is investing in aesthetic treatments.  This is something I placed even more value on last year as I actually started seeing the first signs of aging on my skin.  So when The Laser Beautique invited me to experience a micro needling facial at their Sea Point branch I jumped at the opportunity.  Not only because I’d never done this type of facial but because I thought it would be valuable to document or you guys.  The concerns I was looking to target were fine lines, pore size and dullness.  This treatment can also improve pigmentation, wrinkles, texture and acne scarring.


Micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment using a motorized pen with fine micro needles which penetrate the skin.  Basically the micro needling pen penetrates the top layer of your skin sending a signal to your body to send collagen and elastin to that area.  Collagen & elastin are produced in our bodies but as we age the level of production decreases which is why we see the first signs of aging on the skin.  This is why the micro needling treatment is so effective, as it simulates the production of collagen & elastin.  Micro needling results include improvement in pigmentation, texture, acne scarring, pore size, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.


As I said, this is a minimally invasive treatment but you can definitely expect some pain.  The aesthetician started off by cleansing my skin, then she applied numbing cream all over my face and neck which then took 5-7 minutes to take effect.  The numbing cream will aid in you feeling less of the pain but not completely eliminate it.  Stephanie (my aesthetician) then started the procedure on my forehead,  nose , cheeks , chin, & lastly my neck.  I didn’t feel much on the fleshy areas but on my forehead & nose I definitely felt some pain.  if you’ve had a tattoo, you can expect a similar feeling that, but not quite as painful.


Immediately after Stephanie finished the needling she applied a soothing and hydrating serum which she gently massaged into my skin and followed up with a tinted SPF day cream.  My forehead looked about as red as a tomato but thankfully the rest of my face just looked slightly blotchy – a bit like sunburn.  About 2-3 hours after my treatment, when I got home I looked significantly less red – just slightly flushed and the heat on my skin had definitely gone down.  My face did sting slightly while cleansing, even though. used a mild milky cleanser, but Stephanie did warn me about that.   To help sooth and take down and redness I applied the Skin Ceuticals Photo Corrective Mask followed by the Aloe Unique Aloe & Honey Gel Mask.  The next morning my skin was back to normal although they do advise that it could take up to 5 days for your skin to return to normality.  Post treatment your skin is extremely sensitive to the sun so you have to prioritize SPF and be diligent with regular application.


It’s been just over 3 months since I had the micro needling facial and I can definitely say that my skin has been more plump, radiant and my texture has improved overall.  You can start to see results as soon as 10 days post treatment which will continue for up to 3 months.  I’ve loved the results of this treatment and with the inclusion of a great skincare routine you will see even better results.  They do recommend regular return visits for this treatment to see the best results.

Micro Needling review - The Laser Beautique Cape Town

This is a great bridal prep treatment a few weeks before your wedding and of course great if you’re looking to slow the aging process or if you have severe pigmentation or acne scarring.  My aesthetician, Stephanie at The Laser Beautique was more than happy to answer my questions, she is also super informative & helpful.  If you’re not sure which treatment would best suit your skin you can book a free consultation.  If you’re looking for a facial that will leave your sin glowing and plump with no recovery time before a special occasion I’d suggest the Cinderella Facial.

For the month of February The Laser Beautique are offering 50% off any technology facial or first session of laser hair removal.  Technology facials include Coollifting, Micro Needling, Cinderella NIR, Facial Contouring, Prince Charming NIR & TLB Skin Script.  Simple screenshot or download the below image and show it to them at the appointment.

The Laser Beautique Cape Town

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