Because I prefer my fur draped over a good outfit, and not growing under my arms.

At a time when movements such as #Januhairy are a thing and the pressure to remove ‘unwanted’ body hair has been somewhat lessened, you might ask why one would still invest in hair removal treatments and at a slightly heftier price no less.  

Well, like we all know, at the core of feminism is the ability to exercise choice – not because you feel stuck under the ashy thumb of sexism and societal beauty standards, but because you want to do what satisfies you without imposing that decision on the next woman.

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With that said, personally I prefer my underarms to be hairless and smooth more often than not, even though – I must admit – the hair grows back the second I get out the shower.

This is why sometimes in winter I actually just let it do its thing for a week or so. But in the same breath, I think it’s pretty dope that other women are embracing their fuzz more and more. 

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Anyway, I’m a sucker for non-surgical aesthetic treatments so when the opportunity to get a laser hair removal treatment came around, I grabbed it with both hands… or should I say both armpits? 

Because this was my first time, I read up briefly about how to prepare for a laser hair removal treatment the same way young ’90s teens might’ve Ask[ed] Jeeves “how to have sex” – should I shave before? Will I be in pain afterwards? Should I wear deodorant? 

Turns out those questions all had very simple answer:

Yes, shave before.

No, don’t wear deodorant the day of the laser treatment if you’re doing your underarms.

No, you will literally feel no pain. 

And so this is how the rest of it went down:


I went to The Laser Beautique (TLB) at The Zone in Rosebank, but there are more branches you can visit around Joburg namely: Morningside, Bryanston, Bedfordview, Melrose Arch and Woodlands in Pretoria – just to name a few. 

laser hair removal

How long does it take?

I have deliberately placed this info before the “how” of it all because it’s fascinating how quick this treatment is. I’d say it takes longer to prepare a toasted sarmie.

With each armpit only requiring two minutes of laser – powered by the Alma Lasers machine – you can consider this one of those lunchtime beauty treatments, especially given the fact that it’s completely pain-free so you don’t need recovery time (just remember to use deodorant again the next day for the sake of your colleagues).

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How is it pain-free? 

It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses only the laser gun at an intensity level that is (somewhat) tailored to your pain threshold. But even so, there is no potential for pain – only a slight tingle here and there. It also helps that immediately after the session, a soothing cream/gel is applied to calm down your skin.

And to put you even more at ease, The Laser Beautique declares that they “use state-of-the-art technology for permanent hair removal. It is the world’s first effective laser hair removal system to be FDA approved as ‘painless'”. 

Can I afford it?

If laser hair removal is something you really want to invest in, then the cost per treatment shouldn’t set you back by much if you plan well. It’s R680 per treatment for underarms, R790 for your bikini line, and R2960 for full leg treatments, with a 4 – 6 week grace period between each treatment.

Of course, there are other body parts you can get laser hair removal for, which you can ask your nearest aesthetic center about. 

Can I still shave in between treatments?

Yes, I was advised to do so. But razor blade or depilatory cream shaving only – no waxing or other “mechanical” methods, as these remove the follicles that the laser targets. 

Okay, results please!

I had shaved the night before and by the time I woke up, I already had a budding bush. See, what I meant earlier?


laser hair removal


laser hair removal

And now I wait for my next 8 – 12 treatments. If you’ve caught FOMO after this, you can contact The Laser Beautique for an appointment or more info. 

This treatment was sponsored by The Laser Beautique. 

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