“A teacher presents the past, reveals the present and creates the future”

Not only has a new era arrived for the beauty industry in South Africa but a tipping point in education as the first online national beauty academy was successfully launched by the Beautique group! Beautique Academy launched two online beauty courses, namely Electrolysis and Thermocoagulation early this year and is slowly releasing further short courses that will be available in the next few months. Courses include the foundation in laser, foundation in the skin, and device training such as Alma Soprano Laser hair removal, Alma Accent, Dermapen, Coolifting, BeauLase Remove etc. Courses such as management and sales will also be available and specialised courses such as permanent makeup, lashes and more.

Beautique Academy was founded to provide comprehensive beauty, aesthetic and applied business training programs that aim to facilitate career growth, entrepreneurial ventures and even career change within the beauty/aesthetic industry. The industry is growing and changing rapidly. Beautique Academy urge and inspire students to kick start or upgrade their career online at beautiqueacademy.co.za as it is vital for both new and existing cosmetologists to remain at the forefront of new technologies and treatment options, in order to provide the best health and skincare solutions to their clientele.

Beautique Academy offers training courses based on tried and tested technologies and treatments in association with The Laser Beautique and Beautique Brands. The Academy offers specialised modules that allow cosmopolitan women and men to enter into the diverse field of advanced beauty and aesthetic technology at their own convenience. The Academy is proud to offer a modern online learning experience, complimented by expert practical lessons at one closest Laser Beautique. Our trainers are qualified experts, who provide both remote and hands-on training support backed by current training and by years of industry experience behind them.

“We launched the academy due to the demand and lack of professional online aesthetic training in South Africa,” says Tzvia Hermann. Education is key to our country’s growth and transport is one of the biggest difficulties facing young women today. Upskilling and empowering women (and men) in South Africa to earn and start up businesses that, can, in turn, build our beautiful country up is the soul of BA. All theory is offered online. The theory includes reading material, presentations, videos and quizzes. All theories can be done on a laptop, pc, tablet or even on one’s phone. This makes upskilling oneself accessible to all. Practical training is offered in one of the Laser Beautique stores. TLB stores are located nationally.



Beautique Academy houses globally recognized qualifications to equip one with everything they need to work locally and abroad across the beauty field as a whole.

  • Services Seta – Sector Education & Training Authority
  • South African Association of Health & Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP)
  • The International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) (UK)


E-learning may be the greatest revolution in today’s education. Learn from home, study via your laptop, desktop, iPad or tablet and read on your mobile phone. Pick the module of your dreams and save on travelling away from home or living in a completely unknown city. The best thing about online learning is that you can learn in a relaxed manner in the comfort on of your own home, anytime. You only need a passion for learning and you can be the master of your own education.


Study materials are provided (reading, powerpoint presentations, practical videos) along with video tutorials filmed with professional trainers and therapists. Following completion of the multiple-choice theory assignments and a small number of case studies provided to friends or family at home, you will be asked to come in for a practical assessment at a Laser Beautique branch where you will achieve your certification/diploma and be ready to start earning money!


  • To change thousands of lives by providing great education, accessibly and affordably, to everyone
  • To reskill and upskill within the beauty, grooming and aesthetic industry
  • To make continuous learning a part of life
  • To make remote yet personalised education accessible to all
  • To respect modern lifestyle, save precious time simultaneously provide maximum information and guidance




Founder of The Laser Beautique Franchise, Beautique Brands and Beautique Academy, Tzvia Hermann, is no newbie in the beauty and aesthetic industry. Tzvia grew up spending most of her time in her mother’s salon. Completing an IT Diploma allowed Tzvia to move to the UK where she travelled, studied Law through correspondence and dabbled in every field imaginable. Working in various departments and industries proved invaluable. During Tzvia’s time in the UK and travelling Europe, her passion for beauty and aesthetics lead her to research and experience different treatments, technologies and products in many cities. Exploring many countries’ contributions to the aesthetic industry fascinated Tzvia.  After 10 years of experience working in the UK and travelling, Tzvia returned to South Africa where she pursued her dream of specialising in aesthetics and opening her own aesthetic destination. Today Tzvia is an internationally recognised laser specialist and trainer. Her award-winning The Laser Beautique, have revolutionised the beauty and aesthetic industry by pioneering a host of invasive and non-invasive laser treatments, cosmetic procedures, grooming and beauty treatments throughout the 11 clinics situated in Gauteng and the Western Cape.  Beautique Brands was founded when Tzvia decided to start a distribution business which brings brands such as Apilus, Snob Milan, Coolifting and Otentik to South Africa. Beautique Academy is South Africa’s first online Beauty Academy which started off offering advanced beauty courses such as electrolysis, laser modules, and management training. Future plans to roll out all beauty modules are underway.



Beata Basson has been in the industry for over 10 years, having completed her somatology degree at Isa Carstens Stellenbosch. After her studies, she worked on the Carnival cruise liner as a spa therapist.

Returning to SA, to expand on her aesthetic skills, she worked in CT and later moved to JHB to grow in the field as a trainer and sales representative for international product houses.

Beata Basson believes that education is the key to success and no matter how long you have been in the industry one needs to keep up with the pace of technology and ensure that all students are 100% comprehensive to work in the field.

She prides her work on seeing her students succeed.


At every The Laser Beautique, there is a manager/trainer who ensures service levels and continuous learning. Managers are equipped to assess and train in order to ensure best practise and certify students nationally.