The Laser Beautique Stay-cation guide

Summer days.. all drifting away.. you can almost picture it. Waving goodbye to your friends and loved ones at the airport terminal gate. After some hard attempts of joy on their behalf, you drag your feet back to your car and stop to think now what?

Moenie fret my dear, The Laser Beautique has you covered with an indulgent stay-cation. 

Here are 30 fabulous ways to escape without ever leaving your hometown.

1. Host a cozy movie night in your garden.
Rent or borrow a projector from work and set up an impromptu drive-in. In your living room or back garden. Let the popcorn flow.

2. Feel like a prince or princess.

Book a Cinderella or Prince Charming Near-Infrared Skin Tightening facial at, of course, The Laser Beautique. You will feel like you have stepped out of a fairy tale. You will have your friends wishing they looked like you after their holiday.

3. Take a local hike
Nothing as good as some fresh air. Who would want slushy snow, when you can have the beautiful nature reserves of South Africa to explore. Tip: Pack a picnic lunch, get out and enjoy nature.

4. Put an “out of office” autoreply on your email
Fight the urge to check your inbox. Take a real break and enjoy your home and your space. Seriously let it go babe.

5. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi and get a free massage.

Savings have never been better. An awesome December promo now on at The Laser Beautique. All the relaxation, no stress of travel.

6. Hire a personal chef for the evening.

Gather all who remained or connect with old contacts and show them your skills by feeling like a celeb for one evening. Kick back and allow someone to spoil you in the comfort of your own home. You deserve it.

7. Make a staycation playlist.
With all your favorite feel-good tunes, you will soon feel whisked away by the funky tunes of 2019.

8. Glow, lash and go au naturel babe!

Waking up with sun kissed skin and a full set of long lashes is just the best feeling. No need for a stitch of makeup. At The Laser Beautique we want you to feel confident and beautiful from the minute you open your eyes.
TLB has an awesome December promo for lashes. Book a full set and get your 3 week fill free! In addition, book a spray tan for you and a friend and you get your spray Free! Summer days are starting to come back around for you.

9. Go to sleep early and sleep in late.

We all for this one, nothing like beauty sleep to give your day the boost it needs.

10. Spend the majority of the day in bed.
Let yourself be lazy, we definitely not judging. You allowed, no one is the boss of you on your indulgent stay-cation. Tip: Build a little fort and never leave.

11. Get yourself a stack of glossies mags.
We love @Destiny, @marieclare, @womanandhome. Tip: Watch out for a little promo in the Women and Home magazine to redeem in December at all TLB clinics.

12. Be adventurous and try something new! We recommend Near infrared massage (NIR)
The best kept secret in town. If you want a result driven, detoxing, healing massage, this is for you.

Near Infrared therapeutic medical massage’s main goal is to increase blood circulation. Brilliant if you are suffering from any sort of injury, muscle aches or pains. Let TLB handle this one for you.

By increasing blood circulation, NIR will relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Healing is faster, and increases the transport of the materials essential for rebuilding damaged tissue, thereby reducing the time it takes for you to recover.

Infrared light is said to be able to regenerate cells 200 to 400 times faster than the process normally takes. Where do we sign up right!

13. Rent a convertible for the day.

Let your hair down literally and go for a top-down cruise. Leaving the worries and cares behind and enjoy the open roads, as there’s NO traffic ahead! This is a win!

14. Do what you have always wanted to try.

If its little bit of botox/filler, skinny dipping, completing a photo album, visiting a local treasured South African landmark. Hello JHB has created a bucket list of sites, restaurants to visit this festive season. Go on and just do it soon they will be crowded or vandalized.

15. Bring, braai, fun and games.

For the past 12 months you have never greeted your new neighbours. Now’s your time to host the ultimate game night. We love uno, cluedo, 30 seconds, backgammon, pictionary. TIP: Choose your partner carefully.

16 Hit the town for a night of dancing.
If your feet are itching cause you can no longer sit still and your heels are calling to be worn. Turn up the volume, add that daring sparkling eyeliner and go hit the local town club. Tip: follow steps 5 and 8!

17. Smooth and silky.
Let go of your dreaded razor or scaring attempts at self waxing and invest in yourself. Book for your pain free permanent laser hair removal treatment with The Laser Beautique of course. Start the new year by smoothly sliding into 2020. Check our our current promos –

18. Hang a hammock in the backyard.
If facing crowds is not your vibe. Lose yourself (and the day) in a great book or read up on all our latest blogs of new technologies and treatment advise from our team of experts at TLB –

19. Have a cocktail (or two) at lunch (while the boss is away the mice come out to play).
Don’t tell them we said so, but we believe you are owed this one.

20. Peel it!
Peel off the marks of 2019 and have a face and/or body peel with our key product houses Optiphi, Nimue or RegimA. A peel will get rid of all dead skin leaving you renewed, soft and feeling brand new. Start 2020 in your new skin.

21. Go for a long bike ride or run.

There are some awesome bike and running trails for all levels of fitness in and around South Africa. Set out a goal for 2020, who knows you could complete the comrades or the 947 Discovery cycle race. Tip: book your NIR massage post race, trust us on this one.

22. Nap to your heart’s content.

Morning, noon and night. A nap after a nap! Go mad! (Heck, you’ve got nowhere to be.)

23. Build a fire pit or a boma. (Safety first ladies and gents).

You don’t need to be over the waters to create good memories. The simplest of tasks like some snores around a camp fire will forever be in your memory bank.

24. Make your home smell like a fancy 5  star hotel spa.

You can even DIY by grabbing some essential oils and a burner. TIP: Scents of lavender are very calming where peppermint is for awakending. What every your preference there’s an essential oil for it.

25. Spend an evening playing cards and board games.

Stay away from the daily grind of TV, phones, Xboxes or online games. Go back to basics and dust off those board games. Soon you will discover your inner winner and get some tips to tackle your mean boss for 2020.

26. Stargaze.

Stop, stand still and look up. Wow! When last have you done that. Tip: You might want to leave the JHB CBD and head of the foot hills to really enjoy the splendor of the milky way.

27. Take a culinary vacation.

You can create Italy in your own home. Make a night of it, think, a classic Italian meal, Italian wine and an Italian movie after…aaahhh. Me amour madam. If you feeling adventurous try your hand at making home made pasta!

28. Spend a day museum hopping.

Shamefully many South Africans haven’t explored their backyards. Jump onto the Red Bus tour at Rosebank The Zone and get carried away with pride of our country and the beautiful landmarks we have to show off.

29. Take a zillion selfies

Head over to The Laser Beautique Morningside in Sandton and find our beautiful flower wall at the entrance of Taschas. Tag #thelaserbeautique #morningside_sc #taschasmorningside and you could be a lucky winner. You can win R10,000 laser voucher!

If you not in JHB need no worry, our flower wall is traveling to all TLB branches nationwide 

30. Pitch a tent.

Wish you could leave your bed, go outside and pitch that camp tent. You can DYI with bed sheets, yoga mats and dining chairs. Save the expense of a hotel room and enjoy your room away from home.

These are but a few indulgent ideas of a stay-cation.

You’ve made it online, now off you go! Enjoy and have the best Summer!

Over and out TLB Beauties, Beauts and Bros.
From The Laser Beautique team.

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