If you think waxing, shaving or having laser is only for the metrosexual men out there, think again! There are millions of men grooming away,  including… you know… downstairs!
For all those retrosexuals out there, want to know more about getting rid of unsightly hair you simply do NOT need? Read on!
So waxing, for us at The Laser Beautique is a no-no! Why go through the pain, repeatedly, every month, when there is a permanent and pain-free solution. Yes it’s a little more costly but in the long run it’s 100% worth it! Imagine never having hair on your fingers, toes or nose? Imagine not having a hairy back or having your chest chair meet your neck! Noone should sport a hairy back! If you a cyclist or into sports in any way, being smooth is a blessing!
Shaving is also a pain and a complete time-suck! That prickly regrowth and that uncomfortable itch one has to endure during the whole process of taming the regrowth. Let’s not forget ingrown hair. If not treated properly can turn into folliculitis and you may need to have it removed. If you know of anyone who suffers from ingrown hair and so many men and woman do! Direct them straight to The Laser Beautique, we can get rid of your ingrowns permanently with laser or pain-free electrolysis.
Depilatory creams are just nasty. They smell really bad and its an experience that can make any man or woman prefer to live with embarrassing hair!
The solution – pain-free and permanent laser hair removal! You read right but you must make sure you go to a reputable provider as there are many out there that offer pain-free laser but it’s either not pain-free or it’s not even laser, it’s IPL. IPL is not laser.

What or Where Can You Laser?

You can literally laser anywhere, and I mean anywhere! From your chest, your stomach, your back, your legs, and… ahem… down there. From business in the front to the party in the back. And there is NO shame about it! In actual fact, both men and woman respect all those who groom and make it more pleasant and inviting for themselves and partners. As interesting or as horrifying as it may sound to you, you do not have to go all the way – laser can happily help reduce the amount of hair present or you can have a hair-free care-free approach.
Some may be embarrassed to ask or expose themselves. Believe us, we have seen it all. It’s our profession. As long as you are hygienic down there, there is no reason to be shy. The laser technicians will brief you and explain the process.

Is It Really Pain-Free?

Yes, it is. How? Old school lasers were very painful. The laser would zap on a high frequency and it felt like a snapping of an elastic band on your skin. It was not pleasant at all! At The Laser Beautique, instead of using a high frequency, we use a low frequency and gradually increase it till it heats up the hair follicle to the point that the vessels that feed the hair oxygen and nutrients heat and melt shut. Many clients say it feels like a hot stone massage. I like to compare it to having a hot bath. If I draw you a boiling hot bath and you try to get in, it will be painful and you will burn, like with old school painful lasers, but if I draw you a lukewarm bath, you get in and we slowly and gradually increase the heat, you won’t feel any pain at all. And we can get that bath even hotter than the boiling hot bath.
Now, think, pressure and gradual heat in your nether region. Yes, you can imagine, naturally, men could experience some movement. This is completely normal and even expected, the therapist will be professional and explain that she will just continue and there is nothing to be embarrassed by.

How Far To Go Down Under?

First up, the BUM cheeks. When the suns out, you’re free to get those buns out! But if you have hairy buns make sure you don’t sport a budgie smuggler (speedo). If you insist, laser your peach and feel smooth and free.

Hollywood or Brazilian?

This is where this can get interesting. A male Brazilian otherwise known as a Bro-zilian ( see what I did there!) – is great if you are looking for more of a neat look, this is the option to go for – this is an all-off affair with the exception of a “snail trail” – leaving a bit of hair.
On the other hand – Hollywood – now that’s all off, gents! This may be a bold move, but if you prefer having no hair, this it’s better than braving the razor down there. To be HONEST – it’s all about confidence! Whether you’re at an unexpected sleepover or have to pose for a life drawing class, laser hair removal means no more scary hairy scenarios!
In our opinion, if you having laser, you may as well go all the way 😉

What Does Extended Mean?

If you having a Hollywood or Bro-zilian extended option, it means you have opted to laser all the way up the bum area, between the cheeks. This is great! Being clean up there is really liberating and of course, more hygienic.


There is no need to make male grooming a taboo! No need to be embaressed to ask about it or to have a treatment done. At the Laser Beautique, we offer all your laser male grooming treatments – to book a free consultation click here.
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