Winter Skin Care tips at The Laser Beautique

May your skin still be glowing and your coffee strong.

We are approaching winter. Most of us enjoy snuggly nights in with comfort food and lots of hot chocolate. Just thinking about it makes me want to crawl into bed with a cup of coco! The truth is our skin is not a fan of winter or of sugary foods and drinks. Most of us suffer from dry skin, chapped lips and winter breakouts. Our skin just can’t cope with the change. For some these changes in temperatures can be complete chaos.

Winter is the season where our skins need the most TLC to combat dryness and dullness.

I’m not sure if you have ever experienced what I like to call the rollercoaster effect where one minute you’re loving your hydrated glowing skin and life is good. Then, as if someone has flipped a switch, your skin starts to suffer. Your skin now is dry and damaged looking in just a matter of weeks? You feel like you look 10 years older. This usually occurs around the time we start packing away our summer skirts and getting out those winter knits.

What Happens to the skin in winter?

Exfoliate the bad vibes.

The reality is that cold weather and low humidity doesn’t just leave our skin feeling bad it actually leaves our skin dry, tight and dehydrated. This is all due to the air depleting the moisture in our skin.

We all pick up different habits keeping ourselves warm. Whether it be blasting the heat up in the car, sitting in front of a fire or even drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Make sure you are snug enough before leaving home to avoid layers that cover your forehead and lower face that can trap oil and cause breakouts. With this being said, our skins tend to produce more oil when dehydrated to compensate for the lack of moisture which would also lead to breakouts. Dehydration also causes inflammation which can lead to pre-mature aging.

What to do in winter for my skin?

Get more sleep. Drink your water & wear SPF!

We need to make sure that our skin care routine changes with the weather. This will help minimize the effect the winter air has on our skins. Continue with your monthly facials and stick to a good nourishing routine at home. Exfoliate at least twice a week and you may want to opt for a richer day and night cream to lock that moisture in like the Moisture control Ultra from Optiphi, just for these few dry months. We highly recommend you apply a HA hydra mask on the days that you exfoliate just to add that extra va-value-voom and better yet the ultra-luxurious HA intense serum.

A few other tricks you may want to try

  1. Get a Milky Cleanser. In winter you will require a milder, more moisturizing and weakly acidic cleanser that won’t dry out your skin, besides balances your skin’s pH levels. Try out Optiphi pure cleansing wash.
  2. Eat healthy organic food. We all know the saying you are what you eat. Let’s take that a step further. You are what your food eats.
  3. Purchase a facial steamer and do a at home DIY facial
  4. Don’t over-wash your face as this will strip your skin of its moister and damage its natural barrier layer which protects you from all external forces like light, smoke, pollution, aircons etc.
  5. Don’t bathe in hot water for too long.

Tried all the above and still no luck?

TLB clinics are here for your nourishing rich experience, we offer an amazing all about Hyaluronic facial called CooLifting, for more on this read more here.

Remember when you love your skin, your skin will love you!!!