For those involved in or considering entry into the beauty and wellness industry, an exciting development has emerged. The Laser Beautique (TLB), established in 2018, is poised for substantial growth, bolstered by the visionary leadership of power couple Tzvia and Neil Hermann. This expansion is being driven by a combination of groundbreaking innovation and the expert guidance and coaching of Ian Fuhr, a renowned figure in South Africa’s business landscape.

While TLB began its journey in 2018, the present moment proves optimal for launching its franchise opportunity. Why, you may wonder? The Beautique group has not only launched its state-of-the-art, cost-effective laser technology but has also introduced its groundbreaking skincare brand, Scientific Skincare, dedicated and proven to deliver results.

The franchise also offers a fully integrated and customized website and point-of-sale system which includes employee schedules, employee and client apps, push notifications, automatic emails, loyalty and refer-a-friend programs, gift vouchers, and more.

In addition, The Laser Beautique blueprint includes a culture-driven style that focuses on obsessive customer service, laser-focused  (pun intended) training, unlimited franchise support, and a kickass marketing team that makes brand loyalty look easy. 

Ian Fuhr, a name synonymous with success in South Africa, is widely recognized for founding Sorbet, the country’s largest beauty chain, and expanding it to over 200 stores before its sale to Long4Life in 2017. Now, Fuhr is lending his expertise to The Laser Beautique, actively supporting, coaching, and guiding the brand toward its expansion goals.

Under the guidance of Fuhr, The Laser Beautique signifies a bright future for the franchise, creating numerous opportunities for women across sub-Saharan African countries. With a solid foundation, 15 years of industry experience, and Fuhr’s invaluable insights, The Laser Beautique is poised to become one of South Africa’s premier tenants, offering a revolutionary approach to hair removal and skincare.

The Laser Beautique stands out as an expert in skincare and painless permanent hair removal. Their unparalleled industry knowledge and dedication to client satisfaction make them a formidable player in the field.

The franchise opportunity offered by The Laser Beautique is relatively new, yet the demand is already overwhelming.  We anticipate seeing The Laser Beautique establishments popping up across various centres.

For those contemplating franchise ownership, here are some key considerations:


Franchising involves opening a business under an existing brand’s trademark and adhering to its established blueprint. An initial franchising fee grants access to the brand name, a proven system of success, and the use of a trusted trademark to attract customers.

Franchisee Fit:

Not everyone is suited to be a franchisee. An ideal franchisee embraces the existing business framework, brand identity, design, tone, voice, service standards, and retail offerings. Strict adherence to the brand’s established guidelines is crucial for maintaining brand integrity.

Owner Management:

Some franchises, including The Laser Beautique, require owners to be actively involved in day-to-day operations. Owner-managed models are prevalent in the service industry, ensuring high levels of service quality.

Cost Considerations:

Initial joining fees and ongoing monthly royalties are part of the franchise commitment. Before you consider opening a franchise you need to know what set up fees and monthly expenses you can expect. Understanding your return on investment and your timelines is also important. For example; the setup cost of a Laser Beautique starts from R800K. There is a 3-6 week client cycle. One can be up and running a Laser Beautique in 90 days and one can see +/- R3 Million rand in annual revenue.  

Converting Existing Businesses:

Converting an existing business into a trusted franchise brand offers multiple benefits, including easier saleability, ongoing support, economies of scale, access to marketing resources, and increased profitability. Far too often, individuals who go it alone and run their businesses encounter significant difficulty when attempting to sell their businesses. Most find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to relinquish the fruits of their lifelong endeavours due to challenges in finding a buyer.

The Laser Beautique’s journey of expansion, coupled with the expertise of Ian Fuhr, promises a bright and prosperous future.