3 Step Tattoo Removal

The Laser Beautique is proud to offer the 3 step tattoo removal treatment, which can safely and effectively remove unwanted tattoos, of any colour

How does the 3 Step Tattoo Removal treatment work

3 Step Tattoo removal, removes the tattoo in 1-3 easy sessions utilizing a mild exfoliating formula combined with a unique but virtually painless pin point abrasion process.

The 3 Step Tattoo removal simply creates a mild irritation that causes the body to naturally reject the pigment.

We can remove up to100cm squared surface area per treatment, this treatment area size, ensures that the treatment causes minimal trauma to the skin. Treatments are also scheduled 6 weeks apart to allow skin healing, prior to the following session.

It is important to understand that the skin will not be flawless post treatment, even though this treatment can eliminate the pigment from the tattoo, the underlying skin damage caused by the tattooing process will still be evident. (See below before and after pictures.)  Once pigment has been removed, one can consider undergoing scar revision treatments, such as The Laser Beautique’s Harmony iPixel, as well as skincare peels to continue improving and perfecting the skin’s appearance and condition.


R330 Consultation (Deductable from treatment)

R880 Flat rate per small tattoo (2cm²-39cm²)

R1,320 per medium/large tattoo (40cm²- 100cm²)

R44 per additional minute

Frequently asked Questions

What are the intervals between treatments?

Generally a recommended 6 week interval period is recommended between sessions, this ensures the skin has sufficient time to heal, and give the skin the optimal time to expel the ink.

Will the treatment leave scars?

It is important to understand that skin will never be restored to its original condition, but the 3 step removal system, will not cause scarring, as long as the homecare advice provided is followed.

Can The Laser Beautique’s 3 step Tattoo Removal remove different ink colours?

Yes is can.  As this treatment removes pigment through a chemical process, it does not rely on specific pigments to be effective.  All ink colours will be successfully expelled from the body.

Will my tattoo be removed after one treatment?

Each tattoo and candidate is different, therefore, some will need 1-2 treatments, some may require 2-3 treatments.  Various factors play a role in how many sessions will be required, including, the density and depth of the ink, as well as the size of the tattoo.

Does the treatment hurt?

A topical anesthetic is applied, which provides for a comfortable treatment.  It definitely a less painful experience than having the tattoo applied.

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