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Treatment Review: Laser Hair Removal

by Sam Wright Let’s talk about laser hair removal The Laser Beautique is pretty famous for its pain-free laser hair removal. I mean it is the name so it goes without saying. I’m about to overshare here: I have dark hair so once a month I go for a full bikini wax. I also get […]

Why Choose an Anti-Ageing Facial over a Normal Facial – What Are the Benefits?

When you hear the word anti-ageing you automatically think old. Well not really. Anti-ageing facials are generally for the more mature skin, people over 40 years old but are also available for those in their early 30’s and onwards as the skin starts maturing from that age. Anti-ageing facials are also good for skin that […]

This Father’s Day Treat Dad to a Grooming Treatment – Even Dad’s Deserve to be Pampered!

With Father’s Day is just around the corner have you given any thought to how you can spoil Dad? Why not think a little bit out of the box this Father’s Day and instead of giving Dad the usual socks and undies present, sign him up for a grooming treatment. Yes, even men need to […]