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Elevating Microneedling Safety: The Importance of Triple-Sterilized Ampoules

ELEVATING MICRONEEDLING SAFETY: THE IMPORTANCE OF TRIPLE-STERILIZED AMPOULES Microneedling has emerged as a groundbreaking skincare treatment, offering transformative results in skin rejuvenation. However, the choice of ampoule used during Microneedling plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety and efficacy. In an industry saturated with options, it’s imperative for both skincare professionals and clients to understand […]

Everything you need to know about the TLB Advanced Pro Peel

What are the main benefits of TLB’s Advanced Pro Peel? Enjoy the results of a result driven, triple exfoliating, medical treatment and much more. This triple exfoliating, medical treatment will rid your skin of dead skin cells and reveal clearer, more luminous, brighter, radiant and glowing skin. Ingredients used in this treatment promote skin clarity, […]

Soul of Sorbet, Ian Fuhr guides the expansion of The Laser Beautique (TLB)

For those involved in or considering entry into the beauty and wellness industry, an exciting development has emerged. The Laser Beautique (TLB), established in 2018, is poised for substantial growth, bolstered by the visionary leadership of power couple Tzvia and Neil Hermann. This expansion is being driven by a combination of groundbreaking innovation and the […]


After years of I-don’t-have-time or it’s-too-expensive, you’ve finally decided to go ahead and say goodbye to your light, blond, red, grey or white unwated hair permanently with electroepilation (electrolysis) treatments. What a great choice! To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are a few professional do’s and don’ts before and after each electrolysis hair removal […]

Skincare below what the eye can see

It’s no secret that, for years, skincare brands have been convincing consumers that their anti-aging products work, and consumers have blindly believed various claims without any proof of benefit beyond what the eye can see. It’s taken us at The Laser Beautique over 10 years to launch a skincare range. Why? Because we could never put our […]