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The Laser Beautique
Beautique Belief
Your skin is a powerful protective barrier, which prevents the permeation of any external foreign elements & limits the effectiveness of traditional topical lotions & serums. To effectively correct, defy & slow the aging process, we have tried, tested & sourced the best non-surgical aesthetic expertise, finest cosmeceuticals & cutting-edge technologies. A combination of these elements ensures a holistic approach to achieve desired results safely with minimal disruption to everyday life. Don’t just have a facial, have a result driven Near Infrared, Radio Frequency or even a Clearlift Facial and discover the wonders of today’s technological advancement!
For all the ladies, you are officially a Beautie after visiting TLB
For all the gents, you are officially a Beaut after grooming or manscaping at TLB
Beauties in the making: 13 up to 19 years of age.
Baby Beauties
Beauteen in the making: up to 12 years of age.
Beauty Counts
The Beautique Loyalty programme, which offers great rewards for our most loyal beauts and beauties: birthday discounts, treatment credit & much more- get your card today!
The Beautique Loyalty programme for our premium beauts and beauties, enjoy additional discounts, treatment credit & invitations to exclusive Beautique launches and events.
Session by Session
Purchasing one treatment at a time, or pay as you treat.
Multiple areas treated in one appointment. e.g Underarm, Bikini & Half leg laser hair removal. Packages are discounted by 5% – 7%. Pay as you treat.
Investing in multiple sessions of the same treatment upfront, e.g purchasing 8 Underarm Laser Hair Removal sessions upfront. Courses are discounted by 5% – 20%. Pay in advance.
Premium Course
Investing in multiple large courses upfront. e.g. purchasing a course of 8 facial, underarm, bikini & leg Laser Hair Removal sessions. Premium courses are discounted even further. Discount is tailor made according to the courses purchased. Pay in advance.
Is the treatment or removal of unwanted skin imperfections utilizing a high frequency current. A TLB skin specialist is able to treat: visible facial veins, skin tags, angiomas, milia, keratosis, angiokeratomes, open pores or unwanted piercings.
Near Infrared. NIR is an effective technology for a wide range of treatments such as skin tightening, age reversal, improving skin quality & cellulite, promoting healing & reducing recovery time for sportsmen & women, muscular/joint pain relief (NIR massage).
Diode Laser
The type of Laser used at TLB for hair removal. A diode laser only emits one pure red light that is absorbed by the melanin of the hair. This results in the optimum energy absorption by the melanin, in order to transform it into heat to eliminate the hair growth cells efficiently & safely. At TLB we use a diode laser and a unique IN-MotionTM technique for a PAIN FREE treatment. This is the world’s first FDA approved pain free laser hair removal.
Intense Pulsed Light, is not a laser. IPL uses a spectrum of high intensity pulses of visible light which some falsely sell “laser hair removal”. This “scatter gun” approach is painful, inefficient, hair growth cells fail to be completely destroyed & results in the need for significantly more sessions which costs you more in the long run.
Facial & Body Contouring
Radio Frequency (RF) is capable of penetrating the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer where fat cells reside. Superficially the aesthetician will treat the epidermis & dermis, causing existing collagen to firm & tighten, as well as boosting the activity of fibroblast cells, increasing the production of new collagen & elastin fibres – resulting in a firmer skin. On a deeper level, RF will boost the cellular metabolic rate and shrink fat cells which reshapes and refines one’s silhouette. Using the different RF modules, we are able to customize a contouring programme for your specific concerns. RF is also a Laser Beautique favourite for treating cellulite.
Facial a& Body Laser Lipolysis
A combination of Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The ultrasound treatment is used to safely & effectively target and break down stubborn fatty deposits, for example jowls or double chin, saddle bags or tummy. Radio frequency is then used to affect the epidermis & dermis, causing existing collagen to firm & tighten, as well as boosting the activity of fibroblast cells within the dermis, increasing the production of new collagen & elastin fibres – resulting in a firmer skin.
Threadlift (PDO Thread Tightening)
Provides a safe & effective solution to aging concerns, by “tightening” the face & neck, as well as smoothing out fine lines & wrinkles. PDO allows the practitioner to construct a support network under the skin. Optimal results can be seen for a few months post procedure.
Threadlift (Silhoette Soft Threadlift)
Combats the effects of ageing, restoring smoother & more toned skin, but also a more shapely face. The treatment combines two effects: lifting & regenerating. Silhouette is a more invasive approach with instant dramatic results.
Cosmetic Injectables
Botulinum toxin can be used to prevent development of wrinkles by depriving voluntry movement of facial muscle. Visible results of Botox are seen instantly but optimal results can take up to 2 weeks. Injectable filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a more youthful appearance. The effect lasts for about six months or longer.
Designed to improve & smooth skin texture using a natural or chemical solution that results in the removal of dead skin cells & stimulates new healthy skin.
A derma roller which has fine, short needles, is strategically and gently rolled over the surface of the skin. These minute needles, cause controlled micro injuries to the skin, triggering the skin’s natural regenerative functions, including the production of new healthy collagen fibres.
IBX Repair
Nail repair system, applied to the nail plate prior to the application of gel/acrylic/ gelish, or as a stand-alone treatment. This treatment is applied, cured and fortifies nail strength as well as preventing flaking, splitting & breaking, commonly associated with those who regularly apply nail technology to their nails. A Laser Beautique favourite.
Medi Heel Pedi
Designed to remove dead skin, from even the most problematic feet- this peel treatment effectively & painlessly dissolves the keratinized bonds of dead skin cells, allowing for easy removal. A recommended add-on for someone who wants soft, smooth heels.