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Skincare below what the eye can see

It’s no secret that, for years, skincare brands have been convincing consumers that their anti-aging products work, and consumers have blindly believed various claims without any proof of benefit beyond what the eye can see. It’s taken us at The Laser Beautique over 10 years to launch a skincare range. Why? Because we could never put our […]


The Laser Beautique Facial - All you need to know about retinol blog

All you need to know about Retinol, Retinoids, Retin-A Vitamin A & Tretinoin.

What Happens When You Get Laser Hair Removal

All you need to know about laser hair removal

It’s important to understand the full laser hair removal process to manage expectations. Let’s break down what happens when you get laser hair removal.

Skin At Every Age

Skin at every age | Skincare routine

SKIN AT EVERY AGE We are living in 2022 and what we can do with technology is fascinating. If you think your phone is smart, wait until you try out some of the smart technology facials available today. You will be amazed at the results once can achieve! Technology has taken “anti” or as we […]

13 Truths About Waxing

13 truths they don’t tell you about waxing! As the leading provider of laser hair removal in South Africa, we understand how getting rid of unwanted, embarrassing hair can make you look and feel smooth, confident, and carefree. But before you schedule your next wax appointment, consider these unwanted “side effects” of waxing that can […]

All you need to know about ingrown hairs!

All You Need To Know About Ingrown Hair!  An ingrown hair is what happens when a hair curls back and grows into the skin. It’s a red, raised bump that looks like a pimple. They can be itchy and uncomfortable and in some instances, they can become infected and turn into painful sores. No one […]

Hair Removal In Our Transgender Communities

  Hair Removal In Our Transgender Communities If you are a transgender man, woman, or any other gender non-conforming individual that is seeking out specific services regarding hair removal, it is best to have a treatment performed that is individualized to your specific needs and transition goals. During the transition phase of our trans women, […]