It’s been such a cool experience. I love that I haven’t had to shave. I have lasered my upper lip, underarm and my legs. It’s been great. I definitely recommend you give it a go! It’s been painless and I don’t know why I hadn’t lasered sooner.
Zoe Brown
TV and Radio Presenter
Its been an incredible journey with The Laser Beautique. I have lasered my legs, upperlip and my private areas (wink wink). I can honestly say that the results have been insane. I highly recommend!
Bianca Le Grange
Singer, Actress, Presenter and Musician
I started lasering my underarm at the end of 2019. I wish I started before! Its life changing. No waxing, no shaving and hair starts disappearing after every treatment. Its pain free and you in and out of the treatment super fast. There are lots of laser Beautiques across south Africa. Its great for men and woman for example men can laser their chests. I cant wait to continue my laser journey and laser my legs and bikini too.
Juliana Vermeiren
Ola by Juliana (owner)
I am 40 years and nobody believes me! Partly because of my genes and also thanks to The Laser Beautique. I have had a number of technology facials at The Laser Beautique where they have used Near Infrared which regenerate 200-400 faster than the usual process. I have a prince charming facial which stimulates collagen. I had a prince charming facial on the morning of shooting The Bachelor and results were incredible. A big thanks to Laser Beautique!
Jason Greer
TV Host & Media trainer
Problem with being Indian is that we have hair everywhere! Dark and thick! Even after the second session I saw results. With every session you will notice less and less hair. Now I practically don’t have any hair on my legs and underarms anymore! Its also completely pain free! Its easy and quick and results are fantastic!
Kriya Gangiah
Radio and TV Presenter
Over the last few months I have been visting the Laser Beautique having treatment to fit my Hollywood dream 😉. Since my first treatment I have noticed incredible results. Its pain free, which is initially what I was concerned about but it’s a very smooth process. I have seen heep of results. The products and tech is top notch and staff and hospitality is incredible too. With all the travelling I do, I long for facials! After a few weeks of travelling my skin needs it. I have had a Prince Charming facial and I recently had the face fit workout for your face using a range of products and technology that encourages your skin to be healthier
Kevin Fraser
Being a model shooting mostly swimwear & lingerie getting rid of body hair on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis can be a real struggle.We’ve all suffered a shaving-rash at least once and regular waxing can put a real strain on our bank account, all in the name of smooth-ish skin for a week at best. If you want to embrace your body hair then you do you (your beauty, your rues) but if, like me, you prefer hair-free skin, laser hair removal is a good method. For me, after my first session, hair grew back much sparser than before. I could definitely see the hair growing finer, lighter, and slower. I wish I started my hairless journey sooner. It’s a definite yes from me!
Junette Syster
The average woman has been known to shave over 7000 times in her lifetime, and with my dark hair; I was wasting so much time shaving, waxing and threading, until I decided to give laser hair removal a try. I was hesitant to embark upon the laser hair removal journey, as I have a very low pain threshold; and was concerned that while it would give me a permanent hair removal solution, I would have to endure so much discomfort and pain!

I cannot express how grateful I am for the encouragement and expertise of The Laser Beautique team, as not only do I LOVE the results that the laser hair removal has afforded me; but it is absolutely painless, effortless and efficient!

In just 4 sessions I am seeing lighter and finer regrowth, as well as stunted hair growth, and with a monthly appointment that is simply slotted into my diary, it’s quick and easy in every way!

I absolutely love having laser hair removal at The Laser Boutique in Linksfield, and enjoy my sessions with Anika. I appreciate that she is so skilled and knowledgeable, and can recommend world-class treatments, that are available locally, and that not only work, but are specifically suited to my needs.

I look forward to enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal for a long time to come, and to my smoothest year yet with The Laser Beautique - a brand that I really believe in!
Taryn Louch
Emcee, Actress, Singer, Writer, Director, Radio Personality, Voice-over Artist and Comedienne.
Good news all the therapist at TLB are super friendly and very thorough! You will leave smiling from ear to ear. I’m shaving less, using less razors which means im buying less plastic which is better for our life on earth! Being a darker skin girl means that shaving less will result in my skintone evening out all over my body! Leaving space to glow!
Danine Naidoo
Entrepreneur and writer
I had pain-free laser hair removal and guys, it worked like a bomb! I could see results from the very first treatment. I also tried out The Laser Beautique Technology Facials, my skin feels radiant and looks flawless. Did you know that The Laser Beautique offers massages? They are awesome and you should definitely give it a try. TLB is so much more than a salon, it’s an extended family. Walking in I feel energised and welcome!
Shivani Govender
Miss India SA 2014, Miss India Worldwide 2015, Dancer and Engineer
I have been a client of the Lazer beautique for 2 months now and the painless Lazer results for me have already been 'instant' and pretty life changing not to mention pain free. So nice to be able to show my legs off on a daily basis this summer without worrying if you have shaved or not! Such a pleasure, I can't wait to finish my treatment for even longer lasting results 🙂
Chiano Sky
Singer, Songwriter, Artist
I hate ingrown hair or seeing I’ve missed when shaving! I have had about 10 laser hair removal treatments and can share my experience. I paid for my 10 treatments as I felt its an amazing investment. I went through the whole winter without shaving and put on a sundress the other day and didn’t need to shave my leg! Incredible! Goal Achieved
Sue Duminy
Entrepreneur and content creator
I am so pleased with the results I have seen after just seven leg laser sessions with The Laser Beautique. I am almost hair free and it has been such a pleasure having laser treatments at The Laser Beautique. The laser really is pain free and the TLB staff are highly professional, friendly, warm, and accommodating. The attention to detail that each TLB beauty therapist places on each treatment is so impressive, and I am also really pleased to see all the safety protocols that have been put in place for both customer and therapist protection. As much as all of these regulations drive us crazy (myself included!!) we have to be patient and above all be mindful of both our wellbeing and that of others. I will say that The Laser Beautique has made sure to still make things feel as comfortable as possible even with all the new protocols in place, and that for me is a big thing, so big props to them for that! I highly recommend The Laser Beautique to anyone who is looking for a seamless, pain free, and effective laser treatment. I am looking forward to trying out their other beauty treatments next!
Cara-Lisa Sham
Entrepreneur, health blogger and founder of the Caralishious Vegan Ice-Cream brand
After summer holidays I usually need to do serious skin re-hab. After having DermaPen Facial at The Laser Beautique, I didn’t need to. My skin still felt hydrated, smooth and better than ever. I highly recommend. After one treatment my skin feels better than ever.
Lisa Koppel
Mom, wife Attorney at Billy Gundelfinger Attorneys and Owner of Running Bear Moccasins
I started my journey with the laser beautique at the Ballito Junction Mall in February and I have to say, the results have been phenomenal. There's a huge misconception that laser is painful however, all my sessions to date have been painless! The overall set up and Covid-19 protocols are in check and I feel comfortable and safe to have my treatments done with the wonderful team. I highly recommend the laser beautique. They also offer wonderful facials and stock amazing products that are specific to your skin. The ladies at the store are friendly and also send you a reminder of your appointments. I cannot wait to go back and have my next session!
Dr. Rohini Bisaal
Dentist & Model
“I have been part of The Laserbeautique for a year now. Firstly the owner Tzvia and her amazing marketing team are not only very professional in innovative in everything that they do, but they are also now part of my circle, my circle is called “Ohana” and that means family. I’ve done various treatments in the past year, underarm and Hollywood PAIN FREE hair removal as well as intensive marketing and content creation around the Beaurejuve and Beauclense devices and facials. I am thrilled to endorse all these treatments to my following and viewers, because it has changed my life, I am now a hair free queen with princess skin and I can’t wait to start doing my hair removal on my legs and arms, the ultimate gift for me is to be hair free. No more shaving has also changed my life as I now get to spend all that shaving time on pampering my face or taking long hot baths with wine that I bought somewhere illegal (we are all becoming a bit criminal due to corona), on the corona topic The Laser Beautique uses outmost care and precaution in sanitizing all equipment and their facilities, I love being part of The Laser Beautique family and I look forward in working together year after year.”
Adre Muller
Lifestyle Blogger, Content Creator and Entrepreneur
I've been visiting The Laser Beautique in Ballito for just a short while now, and I'm already obsessed! I love that they offer such a wide variety of services, there really is something for everybody. I've been testing the waters with different technology facials and their fabulous laser hair removal. First off - that laser hair removal works like a bomb! I have had 2 under arm sessions now (albeit interrupted by covid), and my most recent one was a week ago. I've not had to shave since, and I don't foresee needing to shave for at least another week. This from a girl who shaves at least every other day! The technology facials are also fabulous, there is a solution to every problem, and I know that when I leave, my skin will be glowing with health and happiness!
Siobhan Yeatman
Blogger & Content Creator
My treatment (Pain Free Laser Hair Removal) was simple, easy and pain-free. It only took 15 minutes out of my busy schedule!
Priyeshka Lutchman
I just want to tell you about the most amazing salon! The Laser Beautique for laser hair removal, there is nothing like it! I’ve been to a couple other salons but couldn’t stand to go as it was so painful. But when I went to laser Beautique, I was so surprised! You going to love The Laser Beautique. They don’t only offer laser, they offer facials and botox and fillers.
Christall Kay
Entertainment Figure
I have been doing laser hair removal for the past few months. I just want to give a massive shout out to the Laser beautique. They have completely changed my beauty & self care routine.In a great way.

My hair is quite thick & grows back very fast. So I have to shave or wax so often. Which leads to rashes & ingrown hairs. Now that I’ve tried laser on my underarms & legs, I don’t ever want to go back to the razor. I am so pleased to know that this is now possible for me through permanent hair removal. The results I have received so far has been amazing! The hair started thinning out after the first session already...especially on my legs..

The fact that the staff spoke me through each step of the treatment was a great plus! So that I can fully understand the process & know what to expect. During the treatment they will check up on you to make sure that you are having a comfortable experience. The sessions are also quite short in time which was surprising to me. The laser gives abit of a warm sensation but it is not painful.

I can confidently say, that it works!

I have also experienced various tech facials. As a model, our skin goes through quite a lot of stress with makeup and styling. Not only has their facials helped me with breakouts etc. They have also taught me so much that helped me understand my skin better. I also improved my at home skin care routine under their advice and guidance. Which has made such a difference!

They build a relationship with you which is much appreciated . I have had such a great experience so far while being an ambassador. I look forward to more wonderful treatments & am enjoying the results from the Laser beautique!
Shawnee Reid
Business woman , fitness enthusiast & funster content creator
Fitness and wellness expert, owner of the Lisa Raleigh Bounti Academy, author, motivational speaker, media personality.

Lisa is passionate about all things health & fitness, and is dedicated to helping men and women of all ages, look and feel their best.

She offers personalised health, diet and fitness programmes, over 50 at-home rebounding workouts, and a wide range of affordable, effective home gym equipment, plus the latest tried-and-tested wellness products to help people create a healthy, happy home.

As a wife, mom and busy entrepreneur, Lisa always needs to be on top of her game and have the energy to manage her busy schedule. As a result, she’s very selective about the type of beauty and wellness products she uses to stay fit and healthy, as well as slow the signs of ageing naturally.

Lisa has worked with Laser Beautique for many years, and has had the following non-invasive treatments, which she talks about here:

Cool Lifting – I’ve loved this facial and have noticed a massive difference in my skin’s texture, especially the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and lips. It’s also a great facial to have in winter because it brings that ‘summer glow’ back to the skin and is ideal for increasing hydration and luminosity.

I also like that there’s no redness or downtime with this facial. My days are often jam-packed with online consults and meetings, so I can’t afford to take time off – after beauty treatments. With Cool Lifting, I don’t have to.

Face Fit - I love the concept of toning your facial muscles, just as you would with your body and I honestly believe that it’s wise to keep your facial muscles tight and toned too, to help reduce loose, lacklustre skin.

The Face Fit concept is one-of-a-kind and so clever in my opinion. The “face workouts” offer a unique experience, as they’re relaxing, yet quite invigorating! The therapist uses a combination of manual massage techniques with laser therapy such as LED-Light therapy and Infrared Therapy to boost natural radiance, and I noticed an immediate difference in my skin.

Also, how great that you can experience face yoga with these workouts, it’s brilliant. If I don’t have a lot of time for a face treatment, but I need a quick boost for a shoot or important meeting where I need to look my best, I would opt for a quick Face Fit workout.

Here are two videos of me enjoying a Face Fit session:

Manual stimulation part of the treatment:

Infrared part of the treatment:

Skin tightening on knees and abs – Although the skin around my abs and knees isn’t too loose, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s tone and texture since becoming a mom, especially my stomach area. My skin has stretched a little there (from carrying a baby) and not even a consistent healthy diet and exercise regime can fix it 100%.

Therefore, I’ve really loved and appreciated having non-invasive, skin tightening treatments around my knees and stomach area. I feel a lot more confident wearing a bikini or whatever tight-fitting clothing I need to for fitness-related shoots etc.

Laser Beautique uses Near Infrared Technology (NIR) to heat tissue under the skin’s surface and improve its laxity, without any pain or downtime required. After just a few sessions, I noticed a difference and my skin has remained firmer and tighter months later.

Peel by optiphi - From the minute I started using optiphi skincare products, I was hooked. Their active range has really helped to even out my skin tone, reduce the pigmentation marks I developed during pregnancy, and smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles that have crept up over the years.

I love that the products help to reduce redness and inflammation too, as I’m prone to inflammation, yet my skin is always plumper, “calmer” and more radiant after using the range of products I have.

Optiphi’s approach to skincare is personalised and tailored to your specific needs. The company is also committed to delivering visible results, with high-quality skincare ingredients which is why I trust the brand.

Therefore, it was no surprise to me that I thoroughly enjoyed having the optiphi skin rejuvenation facial peels at the Laser Beautique. The peels compliment my skincare regime beautifully and really help to remove dry, dead skin cells that can make my skin dry and dull.

The peels aren’t too uncomfortable either. Even though I have sensitive skin, I’ve always tolerated the peels well and the post-treatment redness vanishes quickly. I’m always amazed at how luminous and radiant my skin looks a few days post a peel. I personally think it’s one of the best skincare treatments you can have if you want to have younger, plumper looking skin.
Lisa Raleigh
Owner of the Lisa Raleigh Bounti Academy, author, motivational speaker, media personality