Get rid of a double chin, jowls, smokers or frown lines, treat and tone loose, wrinkled skin often found on the aging face, neck, décolleté and hands. Have a brow lift or even create high cheek bones. This treatment can be used as an alternative to Cosmetic Injectables or prescribed in combination.

This treatment:

–     Removes all your fat absolutely non-invasively. –     The results are visible, and the results are long lasting
–     Tightens loose and sagging skin –     No recuperation or down time required
–     Gives your face better contour –     No lasting side effects or scars or tissue damage
–     You can see visible results right after a single session –     Safe treatment with effective results
All you need to know about Facial Contouring

The Treatment Experience

You will experience immediate, visible, subtle to dramatic improvements. Topical treatments have limitations whereby RF (Radio Frequency), US (Ultrasound) and Near Infrared (NIR) have powerful effects on the epidermis, dermis and even the deep subcutaneous tissue.

Each technology penetrates different layers of the skin, combination treatment is always more effective and therefore we recommend alternating bi-monthly.

Ultrasound treatment safely and effectively targets, hard-to-remove, fat deposits, naturally reduces and eradicates the fat cells without damaging skin or shifting fat to other areas (examples of facial fat deposits are double chin and jowls)

Duel layer Radio Frequency stimulates the cells to restructure collagen, improve elasticity, tone, tighten and further contour the skin. The results also show a reduction in dark circles and improvement of pigmentation caused by sun damage.

In combination, these dual-layer treatments can create dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery.

The Technology

Better known in the USA as VShape, this treatment can perform face sculpting in 20-60mins!
At The Laser Beautique we are proud to be the first in Africa with the Accent Ultra V technology which uses a combination of Ultrasound (US) and Radio Frequency (RF). As seen on famous American TV shows The Doctors, NIP TUCK, Access Hollywood.

A combination of cutting edge radio frequency technology and the ingredients of the most advanced, medically accepted, skin care rage. Decadent hydration and myo-relaxing ingredients allows to achieve super suppleness and elasticity. This treatment provides the relaxing benefits of ultralite massage while botox-like marine extracts diminish fine expression lines to give an instant lift
An intensive RF anti-aging treatment which promotes collagen production, re-knits elastin, targets wrinkles, sagging skin as well as improves your skins texture, significantly revitalises, smooths and brightens up your skin’s appearance.
Beauty Booster Full Face R1,900 After care R1,750
All inclusive, 60 minute personalised treatment. Your aesthetician will focus on areas that bother you the most. This treatment includes forehead, crows-feet, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jowls and chin
Beauty Booster Half Face R1,000 After care R850
Concentrated 30 minute treatment on either the upper or lower face. Upper face includes forehead, crows-feet, eyes, cheeks and the lower face includes mouth, jowls and chin.
If you would like to aggressively treat and eliminate jowls and/or a double chin or if you would like to create high cheekbones, we recommend that you include ultrasound therapy to the above-mentioned treatments.
Add on Ultrasound Chin R200 Add on Ultrasound Jowls R350
This treatment is performed using a specialised peri-orbital hand-piece. This RF treatment softens, smooths and brightens tired looking eyes. Treats crows feet and tightens and lifts sagging skin around eye area.
Eye delight treatment R500 After care R350
This treatment is performed using a specialised peri-oral hand-piece. This RF treatment for fine lines or smokers lines, tones, tightens and plumps your lips.
Perky lips R450 After care R300
As we age, we develop stubborn fatty deposits called jowls. Our skin starts to produce less and less collagen and elastin and our skin starts to sag. This treatment has proven exceptional results, as we can eliminate fat cells, tighten, tone and sculpt a new jawline. We highly recommend having treatment if you suffer from jowls or sagging skin. A few facial contouring treatments can truly make one look 10 years younger.
Sculpting jaw RF treatment R1,000.00 After care R850.00
Sculpting jaw US and RF treatment R1,400.00 After care R1,250.00
No matter how many times a week one visits the gym, no matter how one changes his or her diet, getting rid of a double chin can only be achieved surgically or by having a few Accent treatments. Results achieved are truly amazing! Clients have two options; to have both Ultrasound that targets and eliminates fat cells as well as radio frequency to tighten and tone loose skin or to have radio frequency treatments alone for tightening and toning. Sculpting ones neck or jawline can have a dramatic effect on how one looks and feels.
Sculpting Chin RF Treatment R1,000 After care R850
Sculpting Chin RF and US Treatment R1,200 After care R1,050
We all know that the tell tale signs of a woman or man’s age is their neck, decollete and hands. In a few treatments we can restructure, tone, lift, tighten and bring that youthful appearance back to your skin.
Show off Decollete RF Treatment R1,650 After care R1,500
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After care
  • Drink two glasses of water immediately after the treatment
  • Drink plenty of water (at least 8-10 cups a day) for three days following the treatment
  • Immediately after the session, a soothing cream/gel may be applied to calm down your skin. We recommend you purchase the RegimA post laser gel, which you can apply at home. A thermal water spray may also be refreshing.
  • Make-up can be applied 2 hours after the treatment.
  • If you have treated your facial area, it is recommended not to wash the face with hot water for 12-24 hours after treatment.
  • Avoid excessive exercise, sweating, hot baths or saunas for three days after the treatment.
  • Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks for three days after treatment (alcohol might drain water from the body and skin).
  • Avoid sun exposure after and in between treatments –apply high-factor sun protection (SPF >30), and protect the treated area from exposure to direct sunlight for at least one month post-treatment.
  • The planning of holidays to the sun in the week after the session is not recommended
  • You may experience instant results after your first session or it may take a few treatments to see results. The number of treatments may vary according to the degree of skin irregularity, client age, skin condition, smoking history, medical history and medications, etc.
  • Treatment is complete when satisfactory results are obtained.
  • Client should return to follow-up visit two months after the last treatment
  • We advise maintenance treatments twice a year

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do you use for facial contouring?

The Laser Beautique uses a machine called the Accent Ultra V

What is Accent Ultra V?

Accent Ultra V Body Slimming is FDA approved, non-invasive, PAIN-FREE, and an effective alternative to Liposuction. Perfect for those with flabby skin and cellulite as it breaks down fats and firms the body at the same time.

Accent Ultra harnesses a patented ultrasound resonance system using a special frequency of 40.6 MHz. It combines a highly established Accent-Radio Frequency system to further enhance lipolysis and body firming. This system is especially good for those who need body firming and toning as well as fat reduction and it can be used for:

  • Face slimming and firming
  • Double chin reduction
  • Arms slimming and firming
  • Bra-line fat reduction
  • Tummy slimming and firming
  • Thighs and legs slimming and firming
How long do I have to wait to see results?

Best results 8 – 10 treatments may be needed spaced out over 7-10 day intervals. Maintenance treatments may be needed to keep the results.

Is the Accent Ultra V procedure safe?

Yes, the procedure is completely and truly safe. In fact, Accent Ultra procedure is the world’s safest body and facial contouring and body and facial fat removal procedure. This treatment is completely non-invasive and involves no injections, drugs or even pain, and hence, there are indeed no side effects for it.

How long do my results last?

Believe it or not, Accent Ultra V gives you long lasting results. The ultrasound waves dish out so much damage to the subcutaneous fat cells that their ability to store excess fat in the near future is impaired for a long time. Patients who adhere to a healthy lifestyle can expect their results to last a minimum of 5 years.

In our experience results have been known to continue to develop long after the completion of the treatment, with continued “shrinkage” of the treatment site seen over 9 months after the final treatment.

While just one or two treatments can produce good results, your aesthetician may recommend follow-up procedures to best maintain and improve your body’s youthful appearance.

How long must I wait before returning to my normal routine?

You won’t have to wait a single minute, for the non-invasive Accent procedure requires zero downtime. Just come over for a lunchtime session and go back immediately after it, with a whole new and improved facial contour.

Does the procedure hurt?

While pain tolerance is subjective, most people tolerate Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy very well, and have little or no discomfort. The procedure uses IN-Motion technology, which gradually heats up the inner layers of the body so that you feel no pain during the procedure. Patients often describe the sensation as a “warm massage.” The risk of significant side effects is extremely low.

How will I know if this is the right procedure for me?

The Laser Beautique practitioners will give you a FREE Consultation and Test Patch. They will counsel you regarding the treatment and the expected results before your first session. As Vshape treatments work extraordinarily well throughout the year and on all skin types, it is highly likely that this treatment is also the right one for you.

What are the side effects of the Accent procedures?

We are proud to tell you that no side effects have ever been reported from the Accent treatments.

How long will a typical session take?

Treatment sessions typically last anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours, Depending on the size of the area being treated & if RF is used alone or in conjunction with Ultrasound.

As a guide each 150cm2 grid of Ultrasound takes up to 45 minutes, & each 250cm2 grid of RF up to 20 minutes. Therefore a half tummy treatment using 1 ultrasound grid with 2 RF grids should take around 1.5 hours including preparation time

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