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A word from our adored clients

I had the most unbelievable facial today at the Fairmount salon. I only use nimue products so was a real treat to find not only a salon in the area who sells them but uses them for facials too. The staff are friendly,very professional and really pamper you. Can’t wait for the next one. What a treat.
Fairmount, PTA
Branch in Melrose — Wow wow wow! What can I say.. I had the best facial of my life. Extremely happy and relaxed today thanks to the gorgeous ladies. Clean, friendly, passionate two woman I met today. The epitome of professionalism and passion. Great! I’ll definitely be back over and over again! Thank you so much Rachelli, was lovely meeting you.
Melrose, JHB
I have eyebrows again….I lost my originals in chemo therapy. Micro blading was almost painless and Rachel is very gentle caring and an expert. I have had such great comments and I am so grateful Fairmount laser beautique is filled with lovely people who painted my nails in any adventurous patterns and shades that I wanted. They did so before each chemo session. When I looked at my hand I saw nails not needles, and so they get a huge thanks for that.
Fairmount, JHB


It’s been such a cool experience. I love that I haven’t had to shave. I have lasered my upper lip, underarm and my legs. It’s been great. I definitely recommend you give it a go! It’s been painless and I don’t know why I hadn’t lasered sooner.
Zoe Brown
TV and Radio Presenter
Its been an incredible journey with The Laser Beautique. I have lasered my legs, upperlip and my private areas (wink wink). I can honestly say that the results have been insane. I highly recommend!
Bianca Le Grange
Singer, Actress, Presenter and Musician
I started lasering my underarm at the end of 2019. I wish I started before! Its life changing. No waxing, no shaving and hair starts disappearing after every treatment. Its pain free and you in and out of the treatment super fast. There are lots of laser Beautiques across south Africa. Its great for men and woman for example men can laser their chests. I cant wait to continue my laser journey and laser my legs and bikini too.
Juliana Vermeiren
Ola by Juliana (owner)
I am 40 years and nobody believes me! Partly because of my genes and also thanks to The Laser Beautique. I have had a number of technology facials at The Laser Beautique where they have used Near Infrared which regenerate 200-400 faster than the usual process. I have a prince charming facial which stimulates collagen. I had a prince charming facial on the morning of shooting The Bachelor and results were incredible. A big thanks to Laser Beautique!
Jason Greer
TV Host & Media trainer
Problem with being Indian is that we have hair everywhere! Dark and thick! Even after the second session I saw results. With every session you will notice less and less hair. Now I practically don’t have any hair on my legs and underarms anymore! Its also completely pain free! Its easy and quick and results are fantastic!
Kriya Gangiah
Radio and TV Presenter
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