EXCITING NEWS…. The Laser Beautique App has just dropped!   

We are so excited to bring you our very own app! The Laser Beautique app gives you full access to all your laser hair removal and skin care needs. You can now: 

  • Check out our treatment menu
  • Make and reschedule bookings Online 
  • Check your Loyalty points 
  • Refer a friend and earn points and
  • Buy a Gift Card and products 
How it works: 
  1. Open your Google Play or App Store. 
  2. Search for The Laser Beautique  
  3. Download The Laser Beautique APP. 
  4. Once you have downloaded and opened the app, select or search for your desired store from the drop down. 
  5. How to Log in to your Account. 
  • If you are a guest who has visited any of The Laser Beautique stores: 
  • Type in your full cell number in the Phone Number field 
  • Click Forgot Password. 
  • If you have never visited any of The Laser Beautique stores before. 
  • Click on Sign Up on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  
  1. A verification code will be sent via SMS and or email  
  2. Copy the verification code and insert it into The Laser Beautique App. 
  3. Create a new password as per password requirements. 
  4. Click proceed. 
  5. You will then get a notification of the password being changed/setup. 
  6. Once the password has been changed/set up, you can log in and enjoy our TLB APP. 
  7. Select the store for at your closest convivence that you wish to visit at the top right-hand corner. 
  8. Select Menu at the bottom and choose your desired treatments. 
    • You are welcome to add any comments in the “Add Notes” section. 
  9. Book a treatment and select your preferred beau-gician (beautician who performs modern-day magic)
  10. Select your desired time slot. 
  11. Confirm booking of the treatment or service.  PLEASE NOTE: 
  • Please ensure you put the 0 for the start of your cellphone number e.g. 017 XXX XXXX 
  • Should your cellphone number still not work please contact info@thelaserbeautique.co.za or our support cell phone number : 076 453 0148 or visit in store to update it. 
  • Should you have updated your phone number or what to change it, info@thelaserbeautique.co.za or our support cell phone number : 076 453 0148 or visit in store to update it.   
Download the APP 
Visit our Website
Hello there you Beautie! See down below to read about our brand spanking new TLB App. Smooth is our game. We specialise in skin and permanent, painless hair removal. Our treatments are safe and effective for all skin and hair types. The Laser Beautique App allows you to book and reschedule appointments with your favourite beau-gician (beautician who performs modern-day magic). Don’t just take our word for it, go check out our before and after pics and read all our google reviews. 
Would you like to get rid of ingrown hair forever? Or would you like to never have to pluck, wax, shave or use depilatory creams again? Imagine a smooth, pain-free life, even-toned underarms, no more nasty 5 o’clock shadow, bloody shave cuts, lengthy wax appointments, or time-consuming smelly creams! Smoothly ever after is now achievable! 
If you suffer from any skin conditions that get you down. If you struggle with breakouts, acne, backne, black or whiteheads, pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone or texture or if you just feel like your skin looks older than your years, you have come to the right place! Skin is our specialty. Let us help you live smoothly ever after! 
Thank you for being a valued part of our beauty family. We can’t wait for you to experience the new era of beauty convenience with our app. Please contact info@thelaserbeautique.co.za or our support cell phone number : 076 453 0148 for any issues that you experience we are here to help!