Hyperhidrosis Radio-Frequency Treatment

Until recently there were only a few treatment options such as botulinum toxin injections, Iontophoresis, medication and sometime surgery.

Thankfully The Laser Beautique’s Accent system offers a radio frequency (RF) treatment which delivers a safe and virtually painless treatment, with no downtime.

What is hyperhidrosis?
Known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is an inconvenient and embarrassing condition. For sufferers, it is a daily struggle just to stay dry and for some, excessive sweating requires changing clothes or taking an additional shower in the day simply to freshen up.

Excessive sweating may be a congenital condition, one with which you are born, or one that is acquired later in life.

There are two basic types of excessive sweating – localised hyperhidrosis (primary focal hyperhidrosis) and generalised hyperhidrosis (secondary general hyperhidrosis).

How does the hyperhidrosis RF treatment work

The Accent system uses radio frequency energy to deliver thermal impairment to the sweat glands.
The treatment site is first tested to assess the rate of sweat production and location of sweat glands by applying a thin layer of iodine to the treatment site followed by a light dusting of corn starch. Areas of sweat production are indicated by the appearance of dark spots. Photographs are taken, notes made and the area cleansed for treatment.

A thin layer of mineral oil is applied to the treatment area and the module is placed on your skin. The RF treatment objective is to maintain the treatment area temperature at (40-42° Celcius) until the recommended total energy (expressed in kJ) is invested in the treatment area.
The aesthetician will check the baseline skin temperature with a laser thermometer and will continue to check the skin temperature throughout your treatment. The hand-piece will be applied to the skin using the In-Motion technique, in which the module is moved continuously on the skin surface in rotational/circular or linear motions.

Per session F M
Any Area R650 R650
Aftercare R400 R400

Frequently asked Questions

Is it painful?

Although the In-Motion technique is known to be a painless, there may be some discomfort or warm sensation associated with the treatment. Redness and swelling may appear immediately following the treatment. It should only last couple of hours, accompanied by a light sunburn sensation.
The treatment site is cleansed and, as was done at the beginning of the treatment, the sweat production rate and location of sweat glands are tested. After each treatment, you will notice fewer dark spots appearing through the thin layer of iodine and dusting of cornstarch.

How many treatments are required?

It is recommended that you have four treatments with exactly seven days between each treatment.
You may experience instant results after the first session but the number of treatments required may vary according to the degree of skin irregularity, age, skin condition, smoking and medical history.
The Laser Beautique recommends returning for a follow-up visit two months after the last treatment and maintenance treatments twice a year.

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