Keratosis are also known as senile keratosis. Keratosis are common growths and are most common in adults over 30 years old and can be found on almost any area of the body. Keratosis can vary from light coloured to black, flat or raised anomalies with waxy or wart like appearance. They are harmless but we recommend that you get your keratosis evaluated by a doctor as they can be mistaken for skin cancer, especially if they bleed, itch, are irritated or inflamed on a regular basis.

The cause of keratosis is unknown but heredity seems to play a role.

The technician will remove the excess anomaly by lifting it off with a probe and current, followed by a cauterization of the surface to seal the skin. Some may re-grow after removal, but most do not.

The treated area will be raw and a scab will appear a few days later. It is very important to let the scab heal naturally and keep the area dry. New skin will rejuvenate over several weeks. In some cases a slight hyper or hypo pigmentation change may remain where the keratosis was present.