At The Laser Beautique we are constantly looking at the latest innovations; many are fads, some not very effective but occasionally we research and find a product that truly excites us. The Accent Ultra V cutting-edge technology can be used for laser lipolysis, skin tightening, facial contouring, body contouring and so much more. The treatment is virtually painless, fast and effective.

Surgical options such as liposuction, facelifts, thigh & buttocks lifts are all able to modify your face and body. But let’s face it- these procedures are invasive, costly and characterised by the risk of complications, long recovery periods and widely varying results.

What it does:

– Removes all your fat absolutely non-invasively – No recuperation or downtime is required
– Gives your body better contour – Tightens loose and sagging skin
– The results are visible, and the results are long lasting – Safe treatment with effective results
– No lasting side effects or scars or tissue damage  
All you need to know

Treatment info

You will experience immediate, visible, subtle to dramatic improvements. Topical treatments have limitations whereby RF, US and Near Infrared (NIR) have powerful effects on the epidermis, dermis and even the deep subcutaneous tissue. Each technology penetrates different layers of the skin, combination treatment is always more effective and therefore we recommend alternating bi-monthly.

In combination, these dual-layer treatments can create dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery. Collagen fibers contract and multiply which firms and improves laxity. Connective tissue contracts to improve the skins contour, texture and architecture.

The Technology: Accent Ultra V

Better known in the USA as VShape, this treatment can perform body sculpting in 20-60mins!

At The Laser Beautique we are proud to be the first in Africa with the Accent Ultra V technology which uses a combination of Ultrasound (US) and Radio Frequency (RF). As seen on famous American TV shows The Doctors, NIP TUCK, Access Hollywood.

Ultrasound treatment safely and effectively targets localised, hard-to-remove, fat deposits, naturally reduces and eradicates the fat cells without damaging skin or shifting fat to other areas (examples of facial fat deposits are double chin and jowls).

Duel layer Radio Frequency enhances vasodilation and increases blood flow, allowing for lymphatic drainage to improve oxygen levels that will assist metabolism. This duel layer RF is targeted energy that helps reorganize the cellular environment and stimulates the cells to restructure collagen, improve elasticity, tone, tighten and further contour the skin. The results also show a reduction in dark circles and improvement of pigmentation caused by sun damage.

Tones, tightens, improves skin architecture, texture, sun damage and liver spots.
Silky Satin Hand RF treatment R800

After care R650

Expel fat, tone, tighten, lift, improve loose, sagging, wrinkled skin and improve skin architecture and texture.
Go Bare Upper underarm US and RF treatment R1,400

After care R1,250

Go Bare Upper underarm RF treatment R1,000

After care R850

Expel fat, improve loose or sagging skin, tighten, tone and recontour shape.
Front and back bra US & RF treatment R1,800

After care R 1,650

Front and back bra RF treatment R1,000

After care R850

Front or back bra US & RF treatment R900

After care R750

Front or back bra RF treatment R600

After care R450

Dissolve fat and flatten your stomach, tighten, tone, lift and define. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
Half tummy US & RF R1,400

After care R1,250

Full tummy US & RF R 1,600

After care R1,450

Full Tummy RF toning treatment R1,000

After care R850

No more bulges and unwelcome rolls. Reduce unwanted fat in midriff and under breast area. Tone, tighten, resculpt and re-contour shape.
Midriff shaper for ladies with US & RF R 1400

After care R1250

Midriff shaper for ladies with RF R 1000

After care R850

Love handles are one of the toughest areas to trim into shape. Target stubborn fat, resculpt, tone, tighten, re-contour and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
Physique US & RF toning R1,600

After care R1,450

Physique RF toning R 1,000

After care R850

Very few are happy with the shape of their buttock. Resculpt, re-contour, reduce, lift,tighten, tone and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
Love my cheeks US & RF treatment R1,600

After care R1,450

Love my cheeks RF toning R1,000

After care R850

Removal of unwanted fat on the sides of legs. Reduction, contour with lift, tone, tighten and sculpt area. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
Thigh delight with US & RF R1,600

After care R1,450

Thigh delight with RF R1,000

After care R850

Removal of unwanted fat in inner thigh area. Reduction, contour with lift, tone, tighten and sculpt area. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
Inner thigh minimize US & RF treatment R1,900

After care R1,750

Inner thigh minimize RF treatment R1,000

After care R850

Removal of unwanted fat in the front or back of thigh area. Reduction, contour with lift, tone, tighten and sculpt area. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
Perfection thigh US & RF treatment R 1,600

After care R1,750

Perfection thigh RF toning back or front R 1,000

After care R850

Reconstruct, lift, tighten and tone with elimination of unwanted fat without damage to skin.
Restructuring knee Ultra and RF treatment R1,400

After care R1,250

Restructuring knee lift and tone RF treatment R1,000

After care R850

After care

Non invasive liposuction/Laser Lipolysis is not a weight loss tool but should be used to treat stubborn pockets of fat that healthy eating and exercise combined have not been able to address.

Before treatment advice:

The treatment is non-invasive so does not require much preparation but we do have some pre treatment recommendations:

  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.
  • Do not apply any creams/oils on the day of treatment or any sun tanning lotions to the area during the treatment course.
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal (carbohydrate or fat rich) less than two hours prior to your treatment
  • Don’t cut the calories either! Eat sensibly and avoid restricting your calorie intake
  • Keep well hydrated to support lymphatic drainage
  • Avoid caffeine or fizzy drinks as these can have a bloating effect

Essentially think about how you would prepare for a gym session, the preparation for your treatment is much the same.

After treatment advice:

As a safe and painless treatment, Accent Ultra V has no down-time which means you can return to your normal activities immediately, however for optimum results we do have some post treatment recommendations:

  • Continue to keep well hydrated throughout that day
  • Do not eat a heavy meal but rather opt for something light that is low in carbohydrates and fat.
  • Increase physical activity within two hours of treatment to help ‘burn-off’ released fat call cells is essential. While a gym session would be the ideal if you can’t fit this into your schedule a brisk walk is a good alternative, but any cardiovascular exercise for 30-45mins will suffice.


Laser Lipo or Body Contouring does not alter your body’s genetics by removing fat cells as surgical Liposuction will, in order to maintain the results achieved we recommend a healthy lifestyle of exercise and balanced diet is maintained. However we understand that there are times in our lives when a healthy lifestyle gets put on hold, holidays for example, so maintenance options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do you use for the laser lipolysis/body contouring?

The Laser Beautique uses a machine called the Accent Ultra V

Accent Ultra V Body Slimming is FDA approved, non-invasive, PAIN-FREE, and an effective alternative to Liposuction. Perfect for those with flabby skin and cellulite as it breaks down fats and firms the body at the same time.

Accent Ultra harnesses a patented ultrasound resonance system using a special frequency of 40.6 Mhz. It combines a highly established Accent-Radio Frequency system to further enhance lipolysis and body firming. This system is especially good for those who need body firming and toning as well as fat reduction and it can be used for:

  • Face slimming and firming
  • Double chin reduction
  • Arms slimming and firming
  • Bra-line fat reduction
  • Tummy slimming and firming
  • Thighs and legs slimming and firming

Incorporating advanced safety precautions that cool your skin to prevent discomfort, Accent Ultra V Treatments are risk free when performed under therapist supervision. Numerous patients have undergone Accent treatment without any adverse effects.

How long will the treatment take?

Laser Lipolysis (or non surgical liposuction) treatment time will depend on the area size being treated, your treatment can vary between 15mins to 2 hours, your therapist will be able to advise you at your free, no obligation consultation.

At The Laser Beautique we recommend a course of 8 – 10 treatments spaced out over 7-10 day intervals. Maintenance treatments may be needed to keep the results.

How many Laser Lipolysis treatments do I need?

Most clients see noticeable results after their first treatment, you can expect to lose a minimum of up to 2cms per treatment, for optimum results we recommend a course of 8 – 10 treatments.

We recommend a course of eight because each person reacts differently to the treatment depending on their weight, body shape and area treated. Some patients see fast, impressive results to begin which settle towards the end of the course while others notice little difference at the start but see significant results at the end.

Will I see dramatic results?

This is a difficult question to answer as it’s relative to your expectations. Most of our clients see an average loss of 2cms per treatment.

There are also several things to consider:

Laser Lipolysis should not be undertaken as a weight-loss tool but should be to remove stubborn pockets of fat as part of a healthy lifestyle. We would not expect to drop multiple dress sizes as this is not a healthy or responsible approach to weight loss.

It is a course which will reduce fat in the area treated a bit at a time it can feel like the treatment is not as effective as you would like, but when measurements are taken before and after a significant decrease in mass has been recorded in all patients.

The treatment is part of a healthy balanced lifestyle, you should maintain a steady calorie intake both before and after the treatment. Increased calories or reduction in exercise during the treatment may result in no noticable fat reduction, this is because the non surgical liposuction is counteracting the change in your lifestyle to maintain a balance.

Does the procedure hurt?

While pain tolerance is subjective, most people tolerate Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy very well, and have little or no discomfort. The procedure uses IN-Motion technology, which gradually heats up the inner layers of the body so that you feel no pain during the procedure. Patients often describe the sensation as a “warm massage.” The risk of significant side effects is extremely low.

Is Laser Lipolysis safe?

Yes, the procedure is completely and truly safe. In fact, Accent Ultra procedure is the world’s safest body and facial contouring and body and facial fat removal procedure. This treatment is completely non-invasive and involves no injections, drugs or even pain, and hence, there are indeed no side effects for it.

How will I know if the treatment is for me?

The Laser Beautique practitioners will give you a FREE Consultation and Test Patch. They will counsel you regarding the treatment and the expected results before your first session. As Vshape treatments work extraordinarily well throughout the year and on all skin types, it is highly likely that this treatment is also the right one for you.

How long must I wait before returning to my regular routine?

You won’t have to wait a single minute, for the non-invasive Accent procedure requires zero downtime. Just come over for a lunchtime session and go back immediately after it, with a whole new and improved facial contour.

How long will my results last for?

Believe it or not, Accent Ultra V gives you long lasting results. The ultrasound waves dish out so much damage to the subcutaneous fat cells that their ability to store excess fat in the near future is impaired for a long time. Patients who adhere to a healthy lifestyle can expect their results to last a minimum of 5 years.

In our experience results have been known to continue to develop long after the completion of the treatment, with continued “shrinkage” of the treatment site seen over 9 months after the final treatment.

While just one or two treatments can produce good results, your aesthetician may recommend follow-up procedures to best maintain and improve your body’s youthful appearance.

What are the side effects?

We are proud to tell you that no side effects have ever been reported from the Accent treatments.

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