Lunchtime Accent Facelift

At The Laser Beautique we use the revolutionary Alma Lasers, Accent technology, for a non-surgical Lunch Time face lift.

The Accent offers a combination of two state-of-the-art technologies, Ultrasound (US) and Radio Frequency (RF) for Lipolysis or Radio frequency as a standalone facial contouring, lifting and anti-aging treatment. Both procedures deliver safe and virtually painless treatments that utilize the most advanced and effective technologies, offering a safe alternative to surgical procedures. The treatments involve no down- time, recuperative period or uncomfortable side effects.

All you need to know about the Lunch Time Accent Face Lift


RF is capable of penetrating the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer where fat cells reside. Superficially our aesthetician will first treat the epidermis & dermis, causing existing collagen to firm & tighten, as well as boosting the activity of fibroblast cells, increasing the production of new collagen & elastin fibres – resulting in a firmer skin. Then on a deeper level, RF will boost the cellular metabolic rate and shrink any fat cells (e.g. jowls or double chin), which reshapes and refines one’s facial contours. RF is a thermal treatment, which aims to increase the skin temperature to therapeutic phase. This facilitates a reduction of hypodermis thickness and improves the integrity of connective tissue. Using the different RF modules, we are able to customize a lifting and contouring programme for your specific concerns. RF is also a Laser Beautique favourite for treating cellulite ridding one of what some call “orange peel” skin texture.



An intensive, stand-alone RF anti-ageing treatment which promotes collagen and elastin production. This treatment targets sagging skin, improves skin tone and texture, smoothing and brightening your skin’s appearance.


Beauty Booster Full Face                              R1900.00                Aftercare R1,750

All inclusive, 60 minute personalised treatment. Your aesthetician will focus on areas that bother you the most. This treatment includes forehead, crows-feet, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jowls and chin.


Beauty Booster Half Face                              R1,000                Aftercare R850

Concentrated 30 minute treatment on either the upper or lower face. Upper face includes forehead, crows-feet, eyes, cheeks and the lower face includes mouth, jowls and chin.



If you would like to aggressively treat and eliminate jowls and/or a double chin or if you would like to create high cheekbones, we recommend that you include ultrasound therapy to the above-mentioned treatments.


Add On Ultrasound Chin R200                    Add On Ultrasound Jowls R350

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