Lunch time Facelift

Turn back the hands of time during your quick lunch break!

The ClearLift lunch-time facelift, successfully turns back the clock and provides immediate results without any downtime!

Harmony ClearLift is already a huge hit in Hollywood because the skin is regenerated from within, with absolutely no injury to the skin’s surface, thus leaving no redness or tell-tale signs that you have undergone an age-reversing treatment.

All you need to know about our the Lunch time Facelift

Treatment Info

Harmony’s Clear Lift treatment is the first fractional, non-ablative, Q-Switched laser in the world. This treatment allows our aestheticians to treat age-related skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photo damage and uneven skin tone. This treatment offers a “lunch time face lift”, successfully turning back the clock and provides an immediate result without any downtime! The laser treatment permeates the dermis to revive skin from deep within, tightening in a way no other treatment can. This treatment offers a complete solution to anti-ageing, by not only improving the tone and texture of the skin, but also firming and reinforcing the skin’s structural network. The treatment is a ‘lunchtime procedure’ that is virtually painless with no downtime, no need for pre-treatment anesthetic and is safe for all skin types. Alma ClearLift tip, as the first fractional Q-Switched laser, is highly effective for treating various degrees and depths of pigmented lesions resulting in lighter and unblemished skin.

The Technology

The Harmony XL is at the forefront of laser and light technology- capable of erasing skin imperfections, turning back the clock and providing safe and dramatic results.

The different hand pieces allow for a tailor-made treatment program to be designed to cater to your specific skin concerns.

With Harmony’s Acne AFT module- acne bacterium are targeted with intense blue wavelengths, destroying them and reducing associated infection and inflammation. These Intense blue wavelengths in the range of 420-950 nm target the porphyrins produced as part of the normal metabolism of P. acnes bacteria. The interaction of the intense blue light and the porphyrins creates singlet oxygen molecule that rapidly destroys the bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.

For treating irregular pigmentation concerns, the DYE VL or VP Cooled modules are used- targeting red/brown lesions respectively.

The ClearLift module offers a lunch-time facelift, successfully turning back the clock and providing an immediate result without any downtime!  ClearLift is best utilised on the fine lines around the eyes and mouth, but can also be used on the upper cheek area and the forehead, too. Patients report instant results that see them looking plumper, firmer, and rejuvenated, with absolutely no injury to the skin’s surface. Typically the neck is a difficult area to firm and lift without invasive and painful surgery. Botox can soften necklace lines, but to tighten the skin the best thing on the market is ClearLift. The laser treatment permeates the dermis to revive skin from deep within, tightening in a way no other treatment can.

Unsightly spider veins, are effectively reduced with our Long Pulsed YAG laser.

Uneven skin texture and photo-damaged skin are treated with the ablative iPixel module, which causes controlled micro injury to the skin, triggering the skin’s own natural healing and regenerative mechanisms.

Tattoos can also be successfully treated with the Harmony QSwtch module, which successfully targets and destroys the pigment from tattoo inks.

These exceptional treatment options will transform your skin so that now you don’t need to cover up your imperfections, you can erase them!

Eyelift R1500.00 R5000.00
Hands R2000.00 R7000.00
Full Face R3000.00 R11000.00
Neck R2000.00 R7000.00
Face R3000.00 R11000.00
Face & Neck R5000.00 R19000.00
Decollete R3000.00 R11000.00
Face, Neck & Hands R6400.00 R20 480.00 R5120.00
Face, Neck & Decollete R7000.00 R22 400.00 R5600.00
Face, Neck, Hands & Decollete R8700.00 R27 840.00 R6960.00
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After Care
·                     Avoid sun exposure in between and after treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right treatment for me?

If you’re looking for a non-surgical approach to all-over facial rejuvenation, then Harmony ClearLift could be for you. It’s suitable for all ages and most skin types with moderate signs of ageing or sun damage.

Is the HC Harmony Clearlift safe?

The FDA approved Clearlift treatment is safe, effective and suitable for skin types 1 – 5 without any side effects.

How long will a treatment take?

We allow 45 minutes for the treatment which also includes prepping.

Do I need to plan for time off for the treatments?

The Laser Facelift has no downtime and normal activities can be resumed immediately because the Pixel Q-Switched laser does not leave redness or any tell-tale signs as it works deep underneath the skin’s surface.

How long will my results last?

This is always specific to the patient, but most report seeing an immediate plumping effect with results that continue to improve over the next month as the collagen reproduces.

How many treatments will I need?

A course of 4 – 6 is recommended every 2 – 4 weeks.

What does the treatment feel like?

A slight heat sensation which may feel tingly.

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