The clitoral hood serves to protect the clitoris from being constantly rubbed. Constant friction could lead to overstimulation, desensitization and even pain. It also helps to keep the area moist and completes the appearance.
The clitoral hood serves an important function. However, sometimes it can be too large or lengthy, or not retract during intimacy. This may be caused by genetics, trauma or childbirth. A clitoral hood reduction (also known as hoodectomy and clitoropexy), is a procedure that reduces the length and size of your clitoral hood. We only reduce your clitoral hood to the point where it appears less prominent. It should also be more proportionate with the rest of your labia and vulva contours. It’s important to note that the technique used by Dr Novikova results in no nerve damage and thus the sensation of the clitoris will not be altered at all, hence many recognize her as one of Cape Town’s number one Aesthetic Gynaecologist