All you need to know about Genital Bleaching
Genital bleaching is a procedure to lighten darkened skin in genital areas – labia majora, internal thighs and the perianal area.Women develop hyperpigmentation (darkened) skin during pregnancies and as they age. Some women do not like such appearance and request procedures to lighten darkened skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how is the treatment performed?

O-shot is performed in the doctors’ office under local anaesthesia. The doctor will draw blood from a vein in your arm and use a special machine to prepare PRP. The doctor will apply anaesthetic cream to numb the area on injection. You may need an anaesthetic injection to numb the area further. The doctor will then inject PRP in the G-spot, clitoris, vagina or all three areas depending on your needs.

How is genital bleaching performed?

There are creams that can be used to lighten darkened skin followed by application of laser technologies.
Women will be asked to apply anaesthetic cream 45 minutes prior to the procedure and cover it with clingwrap (plastic) to avoid absorption of the cream by clothes. Dr Novikova will clean the skin with a special antiseptic solution before the procedure. She will use CO2 laser to bleach the skin. Women usually need several sessions to get the desired result.
Bleaching can be combined with other cosmetic procedures.
Bleaching is done in the doctor’s office and does not require a general anaesthetic.

What is post-procedure care?

Dr Novikova will prescribe antibiotics and antibacterial cream to apply to the treated area for 5-7 days. It is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse for 7 days. Sun exposure to the area should be strictly avoided for 6 months.

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