Skin Needling / Microneedling

Skin Needling also referred to as micro-needling and collagen induction therayis a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A motorised device with fine needles is used to create tiny micro channels in the top layers of the skin, which triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin. Results include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Initially you can see results within 10 days and these results accumulates for a period of 3 months post treatment.

At The Laser Beautique we perform micro-needling treatments using a Skin Needling Pen. This professional facial procedure is performed by our Advanced Skin Care Specialist to achieve immediate and visible skin rejuvenation and renewal with long lasting effects.

This specialised rejuvenation treatment, designed for a wide range of skin conditions including sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, scarring and acne scarring. Micro-needling treatments stimulate collagen remodelling, improves restoration of volume and plumpness in the skin as well as treats large pores.

A course of 4-12 treatments is recommended for optimal results, this depends on the condition of one’s skin. A pen is used after numbing cream is applied. The aesthetician will then treat with the skin needling pen. Trans Dermal Solutions (TDS), ampules or specialised serums are applied directly after the skin has been treated. The skin soaks up the ampules or serums to give clients results that are long lasting and natural.


Prior to having Micro-needling, it is important to disclose any medication one is on, especially if one suffers from any heart condition.

The Pen is an automatic, high speed vibrating device that uses a cartridge with multiple fine needles that pierce the skin vertically with minimal pain. The function of the pen increases the effectiveness of the treatment by rapidly making multiple insertions, quickly and clinically. This controlled injury triggers the skins wound healing response. The end result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. Dermapen treatments are suitable for all skin types and recommended for anyone who suffers with scarring, acne scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines or wrinkles.

Pen treatments are performed as part of a regular antiaging monthly regime or to treat specific areas for example: scars, specific fine lines and wrinkles around eyes, mouth, cheeks, neck and décolleté.  Other areas of the body can be treated such as the abdomen, thighs, hands and arms. All forms of acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks and burn contracture scars can safely be treated.

The results of Pen treatments can be seen for months post treatment. Results are accumulative. Initial results can be seen within 10 days. The best results of one single treatment can be seen up to 3 months post treatment. The production of collagen will continue over a 90 day period.

The needle/s only penetrates the epidermis and does not remove it thus the skin’s natural protective barrier remains intact. The pierced epidermis rapidly heals in a matter of hours. After the procedure, the treated skin has the appearance of moderate sunburn which improves over 24 to 48 hours. The treatment is therefore not only very effective but also very safe with very few to no side effects or complications.

All you need to know about Micro-Needling

As each fine needle punctures the skin, it creates a channel or micro-wound. The controlled injury triggers the body to remould the skin by activating the body’s wound healing cascade (homeostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodelling) as well as allows ingredients to penetrate better and improve the look and feel of skin over time.

The micro injuries trigger the body to fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed. This neovascularisation and neocollagenesis following treatment leads to improvement in skin texture, firmness and hydration, as well as reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks.

With the right roller/pen and transdermal solution it will be effective on most areas of the body.

Dermarollers resemble small paint rollers you would use to get into tight spots. They act as miniature aerators, like something you’d use on your lawn. They have a round, rotating cylinder with at least 200 tiny needles protruding from it, and a handle for moving it around your face. And that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do with it: You roll this quasi-aerator over your skin with some amount of pressure, puncturing hundreds of tiny holes along the way.

Dermapens look exactly like a pen, with a circular head studded with tiny needles. The head and needles are motorized. The motor-driven needles move in and out of the skin in a stamping motion, piercing it with thousands of tiny punctures.

Dermastamps resemble Dermapens but have a larger head with more needles protruding from the device. Dermastamps may be motorized or manual, and work exactly as the name implies: Rather than rolling needles over the skin or being moved over skin by a motor, you stamp the needles into skin. It’s a bit like a tattooing machine, but with many needles puncturing skin all at once rather than a single needle (and obviously minus the ink deposit).

Treatment Benefits
  • Uses your body’s own natural regenerative abilities and is therefore considered as a natural antiaging treatment.
  • Visibly tightens, lifts and rejuvenates skin.
  • Increases absorption of topical skin care products.
  • Reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scarring and stretch marks
  • Unprecedented results with no recovery time.
Pre, During and Post Treatment Care

Clients skin will be prepared for a minimum of two weeks with homecare to enhance collagen induction.
6-12 Micro needling treatments are required to obtain best results. The amount of treatments prescribed will depend on the clients required results and healing capabilities.

Eyes (Pen) R720
Neck (Pen) R880
Full Face & Neck (Pen) R2,200
Mouth (Pen) R720
Full Face (Pen) R1,650
Spot/Body Treatments (Pen) POA
Consultation cartridge R100

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Frequently asked Questions

What is microneedling and how does it work?

The microneedling technique is done very superficially and can be done at 2-4 week intervals. It is not medical depth dermal needling that draws blood.

Microneedling is a highly specialised professional facial treatment procedure performed by a certified skin treatment professional to achieve visible skin rejuvenation with long lasting effects.

How does microneedling achieve results?

Microneedling achieves results through increased quantities of cell nutrients introduced via cosmeceutical solutions to the skin through the available channels, thus optimising cell function. This allows for much better penetration than with a topical application thus improving the natural stimulation of collagen. In addition, injury to the keratinocytes promotes epidermal growth factors and increases cell turnover.

Why is microneedling an ideal skin rejuvenation treatment?

Microneedling is the only skin rejuvenation treatment that maximises penetration of essential cell nutrients and maximises release of growth factors. It is a highly effective skin rejuvenation option as it targets 3 key cells in the rejuvenation process ie keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts whilst preserving the integrity of the epidermis. It eliminates the risk of melanocyte heat injury and actually optimises cell function, making it the ideal treatment for all skin conditions.

Why is microneedling safe and effective?
  • Advanced training and evaluation of skin treatment professionals who perform microneedling treatments and accreditation of treatment centres
  • Strict professional treatment protocols to ensure hygiene, safety and efficacy
  • Contractual agreement between supplier and salon to adhere to all protocol
  • Informed consent signed by each client undergoing microneedling treatment
  • Thorough consultation procedure ensures client suitability for treatment
  • Treatment records are kept to ensure correct parameters are followed
  • All materials and products are supplied by Skin Technology International to ensure safety and efficacy
  • Nimue and Regima support products for homecare provided in a complete system to ensure optimum results
What are the effects on epidermis?

Micro-inury to the keratinocytes leads to release of several growth factors that leads to epidermal thickening and upregulation of cell function. Cellular communication between keratinocytes and melanocytes is improved which results in better distribution of melanin pigment. Increased delivery of the right ingredients to the depth of the keratinocytes and melanocytes.

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