Also known as milk spots.

Milia are tiny white bumps on the skin. Milia look like whiteheads and are often found around the eyes and nose. They are keratin filled cysts which feel like a grain of sand under your skin. They don’t have an opening at the surface so they can’t be extracted like whiteheads.

Milia can be found on babies and people of all ages. Sometimes they are a family trait and exfoliating can help. Some milia will come and go on their own, but others are often persistent and need to be extracted by a professional.

They are easily removed by thermocoagulation. The technician will insert a probe with current into the milium to soften the debris, then she will use a lancet to break the skin and extract the milium.

The area may be a little swollen and red after depending on how many are extracted and the size of the milia. In some cases a small scab may appear which will heal on its own within days.