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If there is one thing Tzvia Hermann, Founder of The Laser Beautique, knows about, its lasers! For the last 10 years Tzvia’s Beautiques have been the leaders in the space of aesthetics and technology. It’s not surprising that she has now taken the Beautique group to another level. The Beautique Group has not only launched its very own Beautique Academy but has also launched a series of lasers, sound and light aesthetic devices for professional and home use. “Home use devices will never take over professional inhouse treatments”, says Tzvia. “Home use devices are simply not as powerful as professional devices and therefore one is not able to achieve the results that one can with professional devices. In saying this, there is great benefits in using lower powered homecare devices to maintain between professional treatments.” Says Tzvia Hermann. You can compare it to going to the dentist or oral hygienist, you get a good thorough cleaning and corrective work but you would still brush at home twice a day. Homecare goes hand in hand with professional treatments. We live in the age of technology so why not step up your skincare regiment with result driven homecare devices?  

The very first BeauLase device, the BeauLase Remove was launched at the beginning of 2019 followed shortly after by the BeauLaser Remove Junior which is a portable device. Both these devices are state-of-the-art laser hair removal devices that are both affordable for professional use as well as affordable to maintain. The first generation BeauLase Remove has impressed us all, with its trio clustered diode which included 3 laser wavelengths in one hand-piece (755 Alex, 810 Diode, 1064 Yag), a 15” user friendly graphic user interface touch screen together with a 2cm laser handpiece spot size. This device boasted 0 degrees contact cooling for a painless and permanent laser hair removal treatment. FDA approved, this device proved safe and effective on all skin types, even African, Asian and tanned skin.

Having the trio clustered laser is a game changer! Usually laser clinics have one handpiece with either one of the technologies, each handpiece usually costs over R200k. Here we have all 3 in 1.

BeauLasers have now got a compliment of revolutionary devices, namely:

Professional devices

  • BeauLase Remove
  • BeauLase Remove Jnr
  • BeauRejuve
  • CooLifting
  • Apilus
  • BeauHIFU
  • BeauC02
  • BeauPico
  • BeauHifu
  • BeauPen

Home & in-salon products

  • BeauRejuve
  • BeauCleanse