Our Story

The beginning…

Like many women and men out there, Tzvia had enough of unwanted facial and body hair and had tried everything from waxing, tweezing, threading and over 20 IPL treatments to get rid of it. Tzvia Hermann is now, not only completely free of unwanted hair but is a successful serial entrepreneur, mother of two children and a loving wife to co-owner Neil! Tzvia Hermann turned her frustrating and painful experience into a business that will help others gain the confidence they never thought possible.

Tzvia was inspired by her own mother Chana, a single mother of three girls, who managed to put herself through beauty school and start her own beauty salon from a bedroom in their family home, which Chana later moved to a shopping centre. Tzvia’s mom, Chana would serve as a great role model in business as her passion for beauty and her nurturing personality left loyal customers refusing treatment from any other therapist but her. Tzvia was always amazed at how everything that her mom taught her was true in its essence. “If you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you are more confident and can face the world and reach your goals. If my clients trust that I can help them look and feel amazing inside and out, they won’t want to go anywhere else,” said Chana.

Most days after school Tzvia spent many hours in her mother’s beauty salon learning all the tricks of the trade. Tzvia was qualified by experience from the age of 15 in everything from manicures and pedicures to facials and skin care regimes, often filling in for a therapist who ran late or called in sick. Tzvia developed her own love for the beauty industry.

The idea of The Laser Beautique began when Tzvia and Chana were sitting watching the famous American TV show The Doctors. As soon as the episode started, they were glued to the TV as the show featured a revolutionary pain-free permanent hair removal laser. The show detailed the technology around the laser, what made it work and how it was possible that it is pain-free. Tzvia immediately googled the device and manufacturer and to her amazement saw that the device she learnt about is manufactured by an Israeli company, Alma Lasers Ltd. “I was over the moon as I had booked and paid for my ticket to go to Israel for a friend’s wedding in a week’s time. It’s as though it was meant to be!” Said Tzvia. This was to be the start of a great journey.

Tzvia called Alma Lasers, booked an appointment to visit the factory and met with the people claiming to have manufactured every woman’s dream – pain-free laser hair removal. After a successful meeting with Ohad Mandelbaum vice president of business development and, Dr Ziv Karni, Alma Lasers Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tzvia learnt about laser technology, she was aggressively trained to operate various lasers and had treatments herself to make sure that the technologies lived its promises. And it did!

Tzvia presented a business plan to Neil. Neil fell in love with the idea of an aesthetic clinic that only offers services that have been tried, tested and worked. A few weeks later the Soprano arrived and Tzvia started booking appointments from home. After only a month of treatment from home, Tzvia and Neil decided to take the leap and sign a rental agreement at The Morningside Shopping Centre. The first Laser Beautique opened in Morningside Shopping Centre in December 2009. Soon after The Laser Beautique became the place to go for laser treatments. The Laser Beautique is now a national brand with a presence in Ballito, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

In the last 10 years, Tzvia and Neil have developed their very own line of in-clinic and home-held revolutionary devices for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tightening, lifting and toning etc. Scroll down for more information on Beautique Brands devices now available in South Africa.

Tzvia often travels around the world to stay up to date with the latest developments in laser and aesthetic technology. Tzvia is an internationally recognised Laser trainer. Tzvia and Neil have always believed that training is the key to success. Up-skilling their therapists into internationally qualified and recognized aestheticians, up-skilling therapists into becoming assistant managers and then business managers. They have instituted training and refreshers every week to ensure that they provide the best-trained therapists in the country to their clientele.

Beautique Distribution

Beautique Distribution was launched when Tzvia decided that she had to find a permanent and comfortable solution for unwanted non-pigmented hair. Although laser hair removal at The Laser Beautique is the very best one can get, no laser in the world is effective on hair that has little or no pigment (blonde, ginger, grey or white hair). “Until we started importing and treating using the Apilus device, we were inundated with requests to laser unsightly, unwanted non-pigmented hair and we had to keep turning clients away” says Tzvia. In 2016, Tzvia discovered a Canadian company by the name of Dectro International. Whilst the rest of the aesthetic device manufacturers were investing on research and development for lasers, Dectro International has spent the last decade investing and perfecting an electrolysis device. Tzvia sent a representative to Canada so that she can investigate if the device is true to its promise of comfortable and permanent hair removal of all hair types. Reports came back that the device was even better than Tzvia imagined. Soon after Tzvia and Neil purchased a device for each Laser Beautique branch and signed sole distribution rights of Dectro devices in South Africa. This is when Beautique Distribution was launched. “Beautique distribution is a business we have set up so that we can bring beautiful brands that we see overseas, to the South African public. These brands are not necessarily beauty brands but are for sure beautiful!” says Tzvia. Since then Tzvia and Neil have signed up a handful of new brands. Snob Milano & Suns Good, two Italian sunglass and optical brands which has already taken off. Otentik Sun Shades is a brand which was launched in SA in 2017. This product is perfect for the outdoor lifestyle in SA. All the Beautique brands are revolutionary in their own rights. www.snobmilanosa.com www.sunsgood.com www.otentik-sa.com/

Beautique Academy

The need for comprehensive aesthetic and laser training is what made Tzvia launch the Beautique Academy. The Beautique Academy offers an Internationally recognised electrology profession as well as short courses and various beauty, aesthetic and management.

The Academy has joined forces with well-known Dermatologist Dr Mark Roscher, founder of South African Dermatology Association as well as Department of Health and who will be prescribing the academy’s online courses and beauty schools across the country. The Laser Beautique Academy offers training courses based on tried and tested technologies and treatments, associated with The Laser Beautique Group. The Academy is proud to offer a modern online learning experience, complimented by expert practical training modules which will be hosted at the Beautique Academy in Houghton. Click here for Beautique Academy website www.beautiqueacademy.co.za


When Dr. Ziv Karni, Alma Lasers Founder left Alma Lasers and sold to a Chinese company, Tzvia and Neil knew it was time for them to spread her wings into the world of manufacturing. To make sure that TLB has the latest and greatest in aesthetics is a priority. Beautique Brands launched in South Africa, their very own range of lasers, sound and light aesthetic devices for professional and home use.

“Home use devices will never take over professional inhouse treatments”, says Tzvia. “Home use devices are simply not as powerful as professional devices and therefore one is not able to achieve the results that one can with professional devices. In saying this, there is great benefits in using lower powered skincare homecare devices to maintain between professional treatments.” Says Hermann. You can compare it to going to the dentist or oral hygienist, you get a good thorough cleaning and corrective work but you would still brush at home twice a day. Homecare goes hand in hand with professional treatments. We live in the age of technology so why not step up your skincare regiment with result driven homecare devices? Unfortunately, the same does not apply for hair removal yet, we currently only recommend professional laser hair removal treatments. According to Tzvia; “The home devices are just not good enough yet and quite frankly, we believe they are gimmicks”

Click here for Beautique Brands website www.beautiquebrands.com