Beauty is absolutely about feeling comfortable in your own skin. And we at The Laser Beautique, aim to do just that. We aim to make you feel comfortable and confident.

We have based our skin treatments and product offering to you on the foundation of our Beautique Belief:

Your skin is a powerful protective barrier, which prevents the permeation of any external foreign elements & limits the effectiveness of traditional topical lotions & serums. To effectively correct, defy & slow the aging process, we have tried, tested & sourced the best non-surgical aesthetic expertise, finest cosmeceuticals & cutting-edge technologies. A combination of these elements ensures a holistic approach to achieve desired results safely with minimal disruption to everyday life. We don’t believe in outdated, traditional type facials. We live in the age of technology where there are revolutionary technology facials that can offer much better results than a traditional facial. We do not believe in using cosmeceuticals as they are usually packed with fragrance and do not contain active ingredients. We are in the game of cosmeceuticals and in the game of getting our clients results they desire. We invented the technology facial. This is a facial that includes technology in one way or the other.

We find that there are 3 types of clients that walk through our doors or browse through our website looking for their ideal skincare regime:

  1. Clients who love to look after their skins and they do it pretty well but are looking for the very best out there. If you are this client, you have come to the right place. We really are on top of our game.
  2. Clients who want to look after their skin and don’t know how. If this is you, you too, have come to the right place. We can assist you with anything from breakouts to broken capillaries, skin tags and getting you on a regime that will get your skin clear and glowing.
  3. Clients who have “sensitive” skin and are too afraid to put anything on so they don’t or they use very bland products to avoid reactions. If this is you, we are SO excited to treat you as there is a whole new world that awaits you.

Yes sensitive skin can be hereditary but that does not mean you can’t train your skin to be more resilient. A number of the skin diseases and conditions linked to sensitive skin are known or believed to run in families. They include acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Skin irritation from a reaction to a skin care, cosmetic, or household product is not inherited. Breakouts and irritation are usually due to a weak protective function of the skin. In short, when skin is sensitive its protective outer layer lets irritants, microbes and allergens pass through, causing adverse reactions like stinging, pain, redness or flushing. In addition, a weak protective barrier allows moister to escape, leaving the skin try and sensitive.

At The Laser Beautique, we assist you to repair and train your skin barrier so that any change in weather or bacteria doesn’t cause inflammation and adverse side-effects. Once we have repaired, we start what we call a our PPP process:

  1. Pro-aging as apposed to anti-aging. This is where we treat any existing imperfections you not comfortable with.
  2. Preventing. This is where we suggest a skin regime that will prevent future signs of aging
  3. Proactive. We include technology treatment to enhance and speed up desired results