Sunless Tanning – Spray Tan

When it comes to the perfect sunless tan, The Laser Beautique has you covered. We want to ensure that you can look gorgeously bronzed, without jeopardizing your skin, by spending time in the sun or the sunbed, which put you and your skin at risk!  We offer Fake Bake or Koebana sunless tanning systems for a natural looking and safe tan.

Whether you are preparing for a special occasion, appearing in front of the cameras or heading for the beach, you can book your tan at The Laser Beautique, to look and feel your best!

The tan will last approximately 7-10 days, depending on your skin type, and lifestyle.  There are home care options available to ensure your tan is preserved for as long as possible.  Also, the product formula will ensure your tan is smooth, even and streak free!  There is nothing better than looking sun-kissed…. Without the sun risk!

An organic / hypo-allergenic pigment is embedded into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigment bonds to the skin cells and is visible through the translucent outer layer. There are two different procedures to choose from.


Spray Tan

All you need yo know about Spray Tan

Koebana Aerosol Spray is the first Aerosol Sunless tanning product manufactured in South Africa. By using this Aerosol, you can apply your own Koebana Tan at home or use it to touch-up your professionally applied salon tan. The results are instant as the product is packed with bronzing agents to ensure an even application. Get your beach body ready in no time. It is a quick alternative to the harmful effects of the sun and sunbeds. Your tan should last 5 to 10 days and the left over product is useful to use to touch-up areas that tend to fade faster. Koebana – sunkissed, safe, sensational.

Preparation for Spray Tan
1. Exfoliate your body before your tan
2. Clean skin is a pre-requisite to an even application that fades well
3. Waxing / shaving should be done prior to application
4. Choose a suitable garment in which to be sprayed (g-string) alternatively place a body sticker on a selected spot so as to see the tan against your naturally white skin
5. Place a shower cap over your hair
6. Apply hand lotion on your hands and feet to prevent over-development
Aftercare to prolong tan
1. The first shower is important to remove the bronzing agent and to prevent any further transfer to your clothing. After the first shower, shower briefly using a mild shower gel. If the skin is removed – the tan is removed.
2. Pat your skin dry after showering, do not rub.
3. If you have to shave – use a sharp razor.
4. Moisturise the skin at least twice a day to prevent “lizard” skin appearance.
5. Do not exfoliate unless you want to remove the tan.
6. To touch-up certain areas, exfoliate the area lightly to even out the colour contrast as best possible, before applying additional Koebana Tan
Spray Tan (Spray Gun) R680
Spray Tan Airbrush/Aerosol Application POA