Thalgo Slimming Wraps

Thalgo La Beaute Marine Intregrative slimming treatments are a results driven slimming option for refining and perfecting your figure, reducing cellulite, and losing centimeters

All you need to know about Thalgo


Thalgo La Beaute Marine has been providing natural, marine based slimming solutions for over 50 years. Thalgo offers result-driven treatments, and has recently launched a new slimming solution, namely, Thalgo High Precision Integrative Slimming.  This new slimming range offers two different wrap options; Anti-Plumpness as well as Anti-Cellulite, which may be used specifically or as a combined treatment program to offer optimal figure refining.

Due to lifestyle, the ageing process and excess weight, our body’s circulation often becomes sluggish and as a result, our tissue becomes deprived of vital oxygen, the evacuation of toxins slows and results in our cellular metabolism decreasing.  Under these circumstances, connective tissue degenerates and concerns such a water retention and ultimately the lumps and bumps of cellulite arise. Thalgo Integrative slimming treatments contain a variety of marine active ingredients including Oxy-active, which combats tissue hypoxia- thereby reactivating cellular oxygenation.

Clinical studies demonstrated a reduction in thigh circumference of up to 2.2cm in 28 days. 95% Of the women who underwent the trials, felt that dimples were smoothed and reduced.

Recommended treatment plan

A recommended 6-12 sessions, which are conducted weekly or every fortnight, will kick-start your slimming journey at The Laser Beautique.

Optimal conditions for treatment

A healthy diet and lifestyle facilitate optimal results for these treatments.  One must have a good general health, and be committed to the slimming program.  The treatments work best in combination with the Thalgo Thalasso-Nutrition and Intergrative Slimming Homecare product range.

Prior to the treatment

We recommend commencing with Thalasso-Nutrition 10 Day Ocea Draine detox ampoules, prior to embarking on your slimming program  to pre-cleanse and prepare the body for further treatment with the slimming wrap.   Please do not wax/shave/laser the day of your wrap appointment, as these treatments may sensitize your skin, increasing the risk of an adverse reaction arising.

During the treatment

Upon application of the wrap, you will experience a warm sensation- as the active ingredients take effect.  The wrap takes action in 10mins, and is followed by application of a corrective concentrate, selected by your therapist.  This is then followed by the Perfect Sculpt Massage- which employs techniques designed to target cellulite and stubborn fatty deposits. The treatment is concluded with the application of the Intensive correcting cream.

Post treatment care

Ensure that you drink sufficient water throughout the day, to assist your body’s natural draining properties.  Your therapist will recommend an appropriate homecare treatment plan, which will include a combination of Thalgo’s high precision slimming topical products, and Thalasso-nutrition to contribute to the success of your slimming program.


Slimming Wraps
Zone Slimming & Sculpting POA
Zone Target Cellulite Treatment POA
Anti-Cellulite Full Body wrap R1,220
Firming & Anti-plumpness R1,220
Wrap per zone R670

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