Visibly Enlarged Pores

Visibly enlarged pores are pores that have had some sort of trauma.

Visible pores are usually caused by traumas that have been self induced. Continual picking and unsuccessful extractions of white or blackheads may have caused this problem. Improper technique of trying to free an ingrown hair may also cause the pore to become visible. Debris can also get trapped in the pore exasperating the problem.

The technician will extract any debris from the pore then she will insert a probe into the pore. Once at the probe is at the bottom of the pore she will release while sliding the probe out. The current fuses the skin back together. Depending on the size and depth of the pore this may take repeated treatments to gradually close the pore.

The area will be a little inflamed and a small scab will appear post treatment. Let the scab heal naturally. Repeated treatments can be performed after the area has completely healed.