Tell us about your business?

We are hair removal and skincare specialists.

We bought pain-free, permanent Laser Hair Removal and Apilus Electrolysis to Africa. Our lasers are the first of their kind – pain free and safe for all skin types. Our Electrolysis devices are unparalleled in speed and comfort, effectively and virtually painlessly removing dark, light, blonde, red, and grey hair. We also offer our own range of lasers, a skincare line called Scientific Skincare, the Beautique Academy (a skin and laser school) and Beautique Brands (a distribution company), and we launched a franchising opportunity.

Where are you based?

Morningside Shopping Centre, Bedford Centre, Rosebank, Fairmount, Woodland Boulevard in PTA, Bryanston, Linksfield, Dunkeld, and Victory Park. Plus, Seapoint in Cape Town and Ballito in KZN.

Are you online?

You can book, buy products, check your history and loyalty points on our app or website www.thelaserbeautique.co.za.

How did you enter this sector?

My mother is a beautician and I grew up in her beauty salon. I am Mediterranean and have lots of thick hair. I had to wax my legs, arms and upper lip when I was young. When I found our pain-free, permanent laser, it was a no-brainer for me. I was solving my own hairy issues and knew there would be lots of women and men that I could also help.

What does W&H mean to you?

They are the ultimate jackpots in life. It’s not just about avoiding sniffles or scrapes; it’s about feeling awesome inside and out. Being healthy isn’t about having killer abs or a perfect BMI; it’s about having a clear head and a heart that feels like it’s doing the salsa. Mental health is just as important. And feeling good in your own skin? That’s like the cherry on top of the wellness sundae.

Any personal experiences?

My mother used to wax me regularly and it was horrid. Not only is waxing painful, but it’s also bad for skin health and antiaging. I tried those smelly, depilatory creams; they’re terrible, too. Can you imagine the toxic ingredients in them? I also tried epilators. That gadget was pure torture; 100 little tweezers operating at the same time. Shaving is short-lived and causes ingrowns and I’ve learnt many women develop pigmentation or dark underarms from shaving. Laser gets rid of the hair forever and the byproduct is that it even tones one’s skin. Bonus!

How does your offering stand out?

We cherry-pick the best beauty therapists and train them further. Our Beautique Academy is military when it comes to theory and practical training. Training is the most important thing to get right when you are in the service industry. There are only a handful of aesthetic clinics that offer the specialised treatments we offer like Apilus Electrolysis. The Scientific Skincare Range results keep clients coming back for more.

Why are your treatments so crucial in today’s day and age, especially for women?

Medical aesthetic treatments make a big difference for women. When we feel good about how we look, it’s like having a secret superpower. It boosts confidence and helps us tackle life’s challenges. These treatments deal with things like pesky hair growth or the annoying signs of getting older, giving us the freedom to embrace our natural beauty and feel more empowered. And, for teenage girls, dealing with acne and unwanted hair growth on top of everything else can really take a toll on confidence.

What advice would you give your teenage self?

                                      Pick the people you surround yourself with wisely. You are who your friends are. Spend your time wisely and invest in your future self.

Quick tips!

  Sleep and exercise are vital to a happy and healthy life. Limiting screen time is crucial to mental wellness; mindless scrolling on social media can have substantial adverse effects. Cut out the negativity. Early to bed and early to rise.

Always look after your skin; it’s precious.

Your own personal aspirations?

I dream of The Laser Beautique becoming a household name that goes beyond boosting confidence in our clients. I envision us empowering women, from helping them become independent franchise owners, to providing employment and skills training in their communities. I cannot start my day without…coffee. I sleep really well if…I read before I go to bed. Turning off my phone and spending time in nature or with my dogs…helps me when I feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Scientific Skincare Medic8 Mist is my secret weapon.

Pain au Chocolat…is my secret indulgence.


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